Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up


AHHHHH! There are only 10 days until Thanksgiving! Are you hosting? Is your menu finalized? Do you even know what you're doing for the turkey day yet?

Well, I can really only help you with two of those things. I've spent the past few days compiling all of my recipes that you can serve on Thanksgiving and now I'm here to share them with you. I had intended to share this last week or even at the beginning of November because that's when I started looking for turkey day recipes, but if you'll scroll down you'll see that this is quite the collection and well, it didn't come together nearly as quickly as I'd hoped.

Plus I recently just upgraded to the pay for it version of PicMonkey and I spent WAY too much time playing with the pay for only features when editing pictures.

So without further adieu, here are some recipes for the grand ole day of turkey. Ironically enough, none of them include an actual turkey recipe since I've never blogged the one I use. I think I'll work on that for next year.




Side Dishes:

Vegetable Side Dishes:




Sweet Treats:

I hope you find something you can add to your turkey day menu!

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