the Saturday edition: Fall Party menu


Somewhere near the beginning of October I made the decision that we needed to invite people over again so we could play more rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

If you haven't played this game yet, you really need to get on that. But, the game is...inappropriate for some audiences and you might find that you and your friends are really horrible people, so choose your friends to join you accordingly.

I thought about having a Halloween party but everyone already had plans so we decided on the 9th of November. I could serve fall foods and maybe even try out some Thanksgiving recipes on my guinea pigs  friends to make sure they would work out for the actual holiday. And it gave me an excuse to re-make some party-style foods that desperately need a new picture.

I've invited 14 people and so far 9 have said they are coming. I'm keeping with the tradition of finger foods since we only have a dining room table that seats 4. ( I really can't wait until we can change that)

The Menu 

ham and cheese pretzel bites
turkey and cranberry relish bread rolls
steak and blue cheese mini pizzas 
mushroom tart
sweet potato skins
7 layer hummus dip 
bacon cheese dip 
turtle cookie cups
peanut butter chocolate chip pretzel bars

What do you think of the menu? Anything you'd add or remove? 

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