Weekly Menu 11/17 - 11/22

Holy crap can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I'm actually kind of glad that it's falling later in the month than usual since I still feel like I need all of the prep time I can get. However, you should definitely check back here on Tuesday morning because I have a little treat for you.

As in, I've complied all of the recipes you could/should make for Thanksgiving, added in some cool pictures thanks to a paid-for subscription to PicMonkey.com and I hope you'll find something to bring to a gathering or serve at your own.

Oh, and I'm addicted to honeycrisp apples. Like, seriously. I seek them out in stores. I search grocery store ads to see which store has them for the cheapest price. I found that you can get 2 pounds of them for $3.49 at Aldi!!!!! (Yes, all of those exclamation points were necessary) Except, I keep buying them with no intention of what to do with them. I'm already eating an apple a day and I still can't keep up with my purchasing habit. Is there an intervention for this?

I think I'm going to remake the honeycrisp apple breakfast pastry for this week, which will use a few of them, but I need more ideas. Leave me a comment with them, please?

So, speaking of Aldi, they just remodeled and had a grand opening on my local store. Every time I've went to Aldi there have been no more than 10 people there, including the employees. The grand opening? The entire parking lot was packed with cars and the store was completely full. Where are these people on every other day? Actually, I'd prefer for them not to be around considering it took me over an hour to get through the store. If you've ever been in an Aldi, you'd know the store is not big enough for an hour-long shopping event. The point I was getting to with this paragraph is I'm curious if you ever shop at Aldi too? Their prices for dairy and dry goods are just too good for me to pass up. I typically save at least 30% compared to the regular grocery stores, and that's even with adding random cool stuff into my cart. So comment on that as well, do you shop at Aldi? Do you find yourself saving a bunch of money? 

I believe it's time to get to the point of this post, what I plan on making next week. It's a simple and kind of boring menu, but I think I'll appreciate the downtime with Thanksgiving and all of it's prep looming around the corner.

Sunday - parmesan herb chicken tenders, fries, corn 

Monday - shrimp bisque 

Tuesday - cashew beef with sesame green beans 

Wednesday - BBQ chicken, fries, corn 

Thursday - queso nachos 

Practically an entire week of foods I've already shared with you. That's gotta be some kind of new record, huh?

I already told you about the breakfast pastry which I'll have for...breakfast! Creative, no? I bought everything for sandwiches this week but then I saw this couscous salad and although it appears a bit summery, it appealed to my summer-loving heart and I may need to go buy some couscous and have this instead.

On the baking end of things, I think I'm taking it nice and easy and just making my required 12 Weeks of Christmas recipe along with my Improv Challenge recipe. 

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