Weekly Menu 12/22 and Christmas Menu

I can’t believe I forgot to share my Christmas menu with you. It’s been kind of crazy around here lately with house guests, plans and just life. I also can’t believe that Christmas is only three days away. I haven’t even watched the Grinch yet! 

And to make the Christmas spirit even less sparse, it’s a balmy 64 degrees with high humidity today. So weird. 
Anyway, I decided to keep it kind of simple this week. I’m doing some of the Christmas food preparations tonight and the rest will be done on Christmas eve. 
Sunday – oven-fried chicken over buttermilk waffles, corn 

Monday – spinach-stuffed flank steal, roasted baby potatoes, sauteed green beans 

Tuesday – shrimp scampi 

Wednesday – Christmas dinner – *see below*

Thursday – leftovers

And on Wednesday, our Christmas dinner consists of:
veggies & dip 
parmesan thyme crackers
cheese ball 
deviled eggs
tomato parmesan tarts
steak bites
~{Main and Sides}~
Honeybaked ham 
Alton’s baked macaroni and cheese
gouda bacon mashed potatoes
thyme roasted carrots
butternut squash lasagna roll ups
Texas roadhouse rolls with honey cinnamon butter
pear and cardamom crumbles
salted caramel apple pie
mini cheesecakes 
I know I said that I was going to try to keep Christmas much simpler this year, but this is actually quite easier than what I pull off most years. Here’s my timeline for how I plan to pull this off:
Sunday – make and freeze butternut squash and spinach lasagna roll ups; make and freeze parmesan thyme crackers 
Tuesday – make dip and cut up veggies; assemble macaroni and cheese; make rolls; make pie; boil potatoes for mashed potatoes; thaw crackers and lasagna rolls 
Wednesday – make tomato tarts and steak bites; bake macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, lasagna roll ups; roast carrots; bake pear crumbles 
The deviled eggs and cheese ball are courtesy of my aunt. My mom always brings a Honeybaked ham that we just heat up in the oven. She’s also bringing the mini cheesecakes. 
At this rate, in a few years I might actually only make enough food for the number of people coming! Wouldn’t that be a Christmas miracle 🙂 

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