Weekly menu 12/1 - 12/5


It's December? Really? I still feel like I'm in a house-full-of-people-turkey-induced haze. Thanksgiving feels like it just ended a few hours ago and also that it was months ago. So weird.

So for my first year of hosting 20 people in a not-large-enough apartment, I think it was pulled off fairly well. Everyone rotated around the seats, the food disappeared quickly and I'm not even quite sure how everything made it on the table. Actually, I have no idea at all. I have vague memories of standing in the kitchen with my aunts and then people were serving themselves so somehow everything magically got pulled together. It was great to see family again, but as usual we failed to remember to take any actual pictures. ::sigh:: Maybe for Christmas?

I opted to buy a few things online Thursday since the deals were good, then we slept in on Friday before heading over to Target where we found they still had their super good deal DVDs and a few other things. And then on a somewhat relative impulse, we went to VCF and ended up buying new furniture, which will be here on Tuesday. Then we trekked out to the middle of nowhere, trudged up a hill, chopped down a Christmas tree and followed it up with sandwiches and hot apple cider.

I spent yesterday in NYC. My friend' daughter is in dance and they had planned a bus trip to NYC to see a dancer friend's performance. The bus and the driver were not impressive, but walking around Times Square was pretty neat but incredibly crowded. The show was contemporary ballet which to me came off as a lot of interpretive dance stuff. We followed up the show with dinner and then wandered around the Chelsea area of New York until the driver picked us back up.

I really wanted to go see Catching Fire today but I really need a low-key kind of day. Washing clothes, making cookies and decorating the tree are the only things I plan to do today.

Which leads us into the menu for this week. One thing that I hate about Thanksgiving is that you typically never get to enjoy the meal, so to follow previous traditions I always do a much smaller version for us a few days after the actual holiday. That's happening tonight. And then the rest of the week is basically eating as much ham as possible since I somehow ended up with ALL of the leftovers.

Sunday - mini turkey day dinner (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, rolls, green bean casserole, corn)

Monday - cashew beef 

Tuesday - mac and cheese 

Wednesday - ham and potato soup 

Thursday - stuffed shells

Breakfast - muffins, although I haven't figured out what kind. Lunch, salad! 

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