Weekly Menu 12/15 - 12/19 and Christmas 1 Menu


10 days until Christmas. Holy crap. I'm ready for the holidays in the sense that I have all of the presents wrapped, the apartment is decorated and I've done a ton of baking (as you can tell from the fact that there are Saturday food posts) but I still don't feel like I'm actually ready for it. My Christmas spirit is kind of low and I find myself opting not to listen to holiday music. Movies are okay, but music, I'm just "meh" on.

If I never said (typed?) anything here, I'm sure no one would have any idea. I have so many holiday goodies planned that there are going to be double posts this week. Two posts in one day just so I can get as many recipes and ideas out to you as possible. That's only incredibly crazy, right?

If you're curious about the title, I figure it's about a good time to explain that today I am hosting Christmas dinner for Tom's family. Since not everyone can attend, we opted to go a bit fancier on the menu than we could typically afford for my usual 10+ crowd. I'll share that menu you with you first, followed by what we're going to have this week and an amusing story about good deeds.

Christmas 1 Menu 
appetizers - parmesan tomato tarts, cheese tray, prosciutto wrapped melon 
main & sides - beef tenderloin, mushroom risotto, roasted asparagus and green beans, butternut squash and poblano gratin 
dessert - creme brulee or Christmas vanilla roll cake 
 Tom's dad is also making pineapple fluff which if I could describe it to you, I would, but I've only had it once. The dessert is still up in the air (as I'm typing this the day before) because I'm not sure if my cake rolling skills are up to par and I don't know whether we can actually get the butane into the torch for the creme brulee. If all else fails, we're having fluff and cookies.

The menu for this week is nothing but comfort food. I'm not really sure why, it just all kind of came together that way.

Sunday - Christmas 1 Dinner

Monday - Chicken Noodle Soup 

Tuesday - Chili 

Wednesday - Chicken Pot Pie

Thursday - leftovers 

And now for the story about good deeds...so last weekend I logged into my Bank of America account to transfer some money and I instantly panicked. It looked like someone had stolen my credit card and racked up a ton of debt, before I realized this strange amount was actually in the savings account.

Further exploration showed that Bank of America had deposited almost $21,000 into my account. Of course, my initial hope was that there was a millionaire out there who picked random accounts to give money to for Christmas. Hey, they have that tips for Jesus thing where servers are getting thousand+ dollar tips. It wasn't that far-fetched of a thought.

Unfortunately I was able to view the deposit ticket and found an out-of-state deposit was made to a contracting company and they just made a mistake on the deposit ticket. It was my account number, but since I'm not that contracting company, I wasn't almost $21,000 richer.

Monday morning I called the bank and got it all straightened out and the operator said she really appreciated my honesty since it was such a large sum of money and near the holidays. I looked up the company and left them a voicemail saying "Your Saturday deposit was accidentally put into my account. I've called the bank and straightened it out and you should have your money by Wednesday. Happy holidays!"

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent receiving notifications from BoA that my savings account was overdrawn. See, the full amount hadn't cleared but they took it all out anyway, leaving me a huge negative balance. Friday this all resolved itself and luckily they didn't charge me any overdraft fees. Then Friday I got a letter in the mail from BoA saying THEY found the error and would remove the money right away.

To be honest, I am a little miffed that BoA is trying to take the credit for this. Anyway, I just hope Karma was out there paying attention. ;-)

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