Weekly Menu 2/2 - 2/6


What a weekend!

Unfortunately I mean that in a good and bad way. There are multiple reasons why I'm just getting around to sharing the menu post with you after 7 PM on a Sunday, when I usually post it in the morning.

Let's start with the less pleasant reasons. Friday I ended up sitting in on interviews at work which meant my to-do list for the day didn't get done. I stayed late until 5:30 and then got that knowing twitch in my eye meaning a migraine was fast approaching. I decided to call it a night and come in super early Monday. Then I got the alert on my phone to expect 0-5 inches of snow Monday morning. So I amended my plans to come in over the weekend. I tossed and turned all night and barely slept so it was no surprise that Saturday I drove all the way to Mr. Tire before realizing I didn't have my phone (which I needed) so they held my appointment while I drove home, found the phone and drove back. Mr. Migraine reared his ugly head again after the appointment so instead of going to work I went home and attempted to nap, which also didn't happen.

Today, I finally made it into work after 5 hours of sleep last night. I spent 3 hours at work, stopped at Mr. Tire again for them to check the lug nuts then came home and did all of the cooking and baking for the week and the Superbowl. Which I'm not even going to watch, because I this is the first blog post I'm writing for this week and I still need to shower. And I still have a migraine.

The good - yesterday I went to the Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Farr concert with my friend Shannon. I haven't been to a concert in ages and I honestly forgot just how much fun it would be. I mainly went for Florida Georgia Line because I'm a bit in love with all their songs. They put on an amazing show. You know how some singers/groups/bands don't sound as good live as they do recorded? This is not the case with them. They sounded amazing, they had a huge energy that had the crowd really engaged and overall it was just completely awesome to see them in person. After the concert, the parking garage was a mess (as expected) and Shannon and I had a good laugh about the groups of teenagers and young 20-somethings having a dance party in the aisles since none of the cars were moving. We also agreed that going to concerts is going to be our new thing.

So now that all that was covered, let's get to the menu so I can move onto the other posts for this week. You'd like something to read, right? :-)

Superbowl Menu: ham and cheese sliders, Philly cheesesteak dip, lighter veggie dip, loaded baked potato soup, cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries

Monday - garlicky Italian chicken over fettuccine with green beans 

Tuesday - stuffed flank steak with roasted red potatoes and sauteed spinach 

Wednesday - spicy shrimp tacos

Thursday - pizza 

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

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