Weekly Menu 5/3 - 5/10


I really can not believe that it is May already. This year sure is flying by!

I have a slight problem. I can't say no to a food challenge. I've started to seek out ones that involve me blogging recipes on certain days again, because apparently the ones I already participate in are not enough. However, I've gotten myself into something much different this time.

My coworker, Stephanie, leads a paleo lifestyle. (She also does crossfit, but that's another story). We eat lunch at our desks and her lunches always smell delicious.  For a while now we've talked about the different recipes she makes, what the lifestyle is like, what foods she's misses...all that good stuff. Except last week she basically challenged me to do a Whole30 because she just completed another one.

I've looked up Whole30 and the paleo lifestyle before. I brushed it off as a good idea for someone else, because you may remember that I live with the vegetable hating, starch loving carnivore otherwise known as my husband. Telling him I was making a pizza with a cauliflower crust would probably result in him dying from laughing so hard.

So Stephanie and I talked about all of my concerns with it. First, we discussed what VHSLC (veggie hating, starch loving carnivore) would and wouldn't eat. No sweet potatoes, no zucchini, no asparagus, no bok choy...the list ended up being quite extensive. I didn't want to make two separate meals for dinner so I needed recipes where they could be easily modified/changed into something he would eat. We talked about my love of cheese and bread. She told me thinking that I couldn't do this was really more in my head. I could do it, I was just choosing to make excuses as to why I shouldn't. Then she told me she would allow me one cheat: my beloved popcorn.

And that is when I realized that I was going to try out a Whole30.  I'll be completely honest, I don't know how well this is going to go over. I can give up coffee, I can give up alcohol. I didn't have dairy for 10 days so I'd like to think 30 won't be that hard, but we'll see. My biggest concern is that when I don't feel like cooking, the foods I choose to eat are not on the Whole30 approved list.

So I decided I was going to fool-proof myself. I wasn't just going to commit to 30 days and try it out, I was going to plan out an entire menu for 30 days, find additional back up recipes for those crazy nights and then try it out. I've also spend the majority of this week shoving all the things I won't be able to have for the next 30 days down my throat. Mainly water ice from Rita's, a bagel from Dunkin and jalapeƱo poppers from Sheetz. I had a glass of soda (which is pretty rare for me) and I've been eating pretzels like they aren't going to make them anymore.

I initially planned to start today (Sunday) but I ended up not being prepared this morning so I decided I would push it back a day and start tomorrow.

Sunday - scalloped potatoes and ham  

Monday - crock pot chipotle beef with pineapple salsa tacos (over mashed sweet potatoes for me)

Tuesday - coconut chicken, parsnip fries, roasted green beans (yes, this really is like the 4th time I'm putting this on the menu. I HAVE to make it this time!)

Wednesday - lemon butter hake with sauteed zucchini and squash (over rice for Tom)

Thursday - cardamom-spiced pork, sweet potato fries and cucumber and tomato salad 

Friday - leftovers 

Saturday - tuna "salad" (no mayo) in an avocado 

Breakfast for the week will be prosciutto egg cups sans the shredded mozzarella cheese. For lunch I'm having bacon and sweet potato chili which I am quite excited for.

So I guess I'll let you all know next week how this first week goes!

(If you have any suggestions, tips or recipes you think I need to try, please send them my way; either in the comments section, or email me at cookaholicwife@gmail.com) 

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