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Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!

I can't believe the weather we are having. Thursday and Friday were in the high 70's, yesterday and today in the low 80's and tomorrow and Tuesday we're supposed to break 85 degrees! I love it, but I'd love it even more if the apartment complex would open the pool early! I'm still fighting turning on the a/c, much to Tom's dismay. It's not that hot in here.

So, the Whole30 thing. I was supposed to start it last Sunday and then I ended up being super busy on Saturday and just didn't have the time to prepare the foods, so I decided to push it back a day and start on Monday. Except, on Monday, I left for work and got all the way there (50 minutes away) before realizing my lunch bag wasn't on the passenger seat. To make matters worse, I had put all of the prosciutto egg cups in one zip lock bag and had them in my lunch bag. Which was now on the counter and needed to be thrown away by the time I got home. So Monday night, I made more prosciutto egg cups.

Tuesday night I came home with a migraine and said eff it to a real dinner, had a bag of popcorn and went to bed at 7:45 pm. The rest of the week went pretty well though. On Thursday I even made Tom a Boston Cream Pie for his birthday and the damn thing is still in the fridge and I haven't snuck a bite. There was one minor cheat though. While making the pie, I dropped some chocolate on my finger and stuck my finger in my mouth before I realized what I'd done. I'm fairly confident that 1/8 tsp. of chocolate won't ruin the whole thing though. As of this morning I'm down 1.5 lbs, which could be nothing more than water weight. Not getting excited yet.

Sunday: apple bacon pork roast, five-spice butternut squash puree, garlic-butter mushrooms 

Monday: grilled rosemary chicken, leftover butternut squash, roasted asparaugs

Tuesday: green chile and cilantro turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, cucumber and tomato salad

Wednesday: beef stir fry

Thursday: lettuce cup tacos

Friday: leftovers (I'm assuming it will be a burger and the butternut squash) 

Breakfast for the week will be the sweet potato and turkey hash that I've made quite a few times and lunch will be zucchini boats with sweet potato fries.

The Whole30 hasn't really been hard yet, but with the crappy week I had last week I definitely did want to indulge in comfort food. And it was kind of hard to go through all of the blogs that I follow, seeing mixed drinks, cupcakes and various other things that I can't have. But I did it on a full stomach and reminded myself that it's only 30 days. (25 now!)

The only thing I miss is the tea I used to drink. Making my own is really no big deal, but even with all the fruit I'm adding, there isn't enough sweetness for me. It looks like I'm drinking slightly discolored water and pretty much tastes the same. I'm going to try using more tea bags in the next gallon and hope it imparts some flavor.

Oh, and while I would usually try to keep certain aspects of my life separate from others, I'm really proud of this and wanted to share. So, if you follow me on Twitter, (which if you don't, why not? I'm @cookaholicwife. Follow me! I'll follow you back.) you know that I am a huge Once Upon A Time Fan. (The 2-hour season finale is tonight!!) Anyway, I'm a huge fan of the show, but I am also a huge Captain Swan fan. Otherwise known as I want Hook and Emma to get together. The point of this that I decided to break away from just writing blog posts and try my hand at fan fiction. I have two stories on the website, one of which is even in the specific Captain Swan section.

Here are the stories: Insufferable Pirate and the one I'm most proud of, Take It Out On Me, which yes, is a Florida Georgia Line song and my inspiration for the story. Take It Out On Me is rated M for language and adult content. I'm assuming my blog readers aren't children, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

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