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June!? How is this possible? I still have winter clothes in my closet because I'm worried winter is going to come back at any moment. As I probably said during it, Maryland typically has one really bad winter every five years and that's what happened last year. I think it just felt particularly worse because it started as early as November and dragged right on through to March. And it wasn't just snow that will eventually melt, it was ice and bitterly cold winds as well.

The last couple of weekends have been absolutely gorgeous and I'm starting to wonder if it's the consolation prize for making it through that terrible winter.

So, let's update you on how the Whole30 is going. I was irritated last week because the scale hadn't budged at all. I don't know what made me do it, but I got on the scale Thursday morning and then every morning since then. I've consistently been down another two pounds which is interesting. I'm curious to see how this ends up.

Cravings: food-wise I'm over this, mentally. I don't even want a burger on a bun or a baked white potato but I want the option of being able to have them. There are two things I've been craving since last weekend. The first is a soft serve twisted ice cream cone with sprinkles. At this point, I would knock over small children to get to one. It's that serious. The second is corn on the cob. It's taunted me every single time I've went to the store and I absolutely can not wait to buy a few years. I may end up eating like 4 of them in a sitting.

Also, I'm freaking crazy. No, seriously. Somewhere in the middle of this Whole30 I decided I wanted to end it off with another juice cleanse as a final way to wrap up this super healthy kick. Not that I'm going to dive head first into a bowl of mac and cheese or anything when this is over. I realized that if I did a three day cleanse after my last day of the Whole30, it would mean that the first day Tom and I were visiting his parents at the beach, I'd be drinking juice.

I think I've displayed an incredible amount of willpower these last 28 days but being at the beach and only drinking juice is just more than even I can handle. So I opted to use my last 2 days of the Whole30 for part of a three-day juice cleanse. Thursday I'll stick with blander foods (as I did on the last cleanse) and I plan on eating relatively healthy while I'm at the beach. Tom's parents are on Atkins so I don't think it's going to be all that hard. I am getting an ice cream though. And possibly sharing some fries with Tom if where ever we go to eat doesn't offer the sweet potato variety.

Since I'm doing a cleanse during the week this time, I'm still going to make dinner for Tom. Hopefully it isn't as hard as I think. So here is the menu.

Sunday - pulled pork sandwiches, ginger-lime coleslaw (fries for Tom)

Monday - Italian bread pizzas (day 1 of juice for me)

Tuesday - tacos

Wednesday - sausages and fries

Thursday - coconut basil chicken with thai salad 

Friday - beach! 

I'm making up two prosciutto egg cups for breakfast tomorrow and I'll make two more for Thursday morning. For lunch Thursday I plan on having a salad, either with grilled chicken or tuna or something.

 Also, I thought it'd be fun to share with you how crazy busy I am this month. Usually it's not that bad, but we have something going on almost every weekend this month. The last weekend of the month is the only time I have nothing planned, but that Saturday is Tom's brother Greg's birthday so I have a feeling we'll still be doing something.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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