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I swear to you on my Kitchenaid that I really am going to post recipes this week. I even have some of them partially written right now! I'm not getting my butt off this computer chair until I have at least 10 recipes blogged, I promise.

How did it get to be July? I can't even comprehend that summer is halfway over. This makes me incredibly sad. I haven't even been to my mom's pool yet! However, with no real plans for the holiday I did spend every day of this three day weekend at the pool. And you should be proud of me, I opted to come back before 3 PM today just so I could work on recipes before it got too late.

The other big thing I accomplished this weekend was cleaning out 99% of the apartment. I still have to really go through the kitchen, but I'm going to save that for another weekend. Would you believe I have 7 13-gallon trash bags full of clothing and shoes to donate. That's kinda disturbing. But I can actually find things in my dresser and side of the closet now, so I'm happy. I also found that I fit into 4 pairs of my old jeans. I was close to fitting into another 3 pairs but opted to donate them because if I do lose enough weight to be back in my old size, I want to celebrate by buying new clothes.

Remind me of this when it happens and I'm complaining that I still can't find any pants that fit. ;)

Famous last words, but it appears to be a nice normal week at work so I'm very excited to get home at a reasonable hour and be able to make dinner again. I feel so thrown off from my usual routine by not cooking. It's really weird. So, this is what I'm making this week:

Sunday: spicy-cilantro grilled chicken with corn on the cob and cucumber salad

Monday: prosciutto wrapped pork, baked potatoes and green beans 

Tuesday: bahn mi burgers, beans, coleslaw 

Wednesday: chili 

Thursday: blueberry waffles with fruit and bacon 

For breakfast I'm having a peach raspberry crumble with vanilla yogurt and lunch will be jalapeno-cheddar chicken meatballs with cucumber salad.

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  1. Sounds like some good eating going on at your house this week! Thanks for linking up to What's for Eats? linky party.


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