Weekly Menu 9/21 - 9/25


Umm, where did this month go? I swear it was just Labor Day and I was planning on what to take to my mom's for her pool party.

I am going to be extremely busy at work for the next couple of weeks and decided that I was going to get a bunch of blogging done in advance so I'm not just leaving you all without recipes. I've also done a spectacular job at failing at completing another Whole 30 during September so I gave up for this week and I'm going to try again in October...which is kinda silly because

October 3rd - wedding, out of town. At least one meal will most likely be at the airport.
October 18th - family party. Cheese, dairy, sugar and alcohol will be in abundance.
October 25th - Halloween party. Same as above.

So I'm calling it a Whole 37 to add in an extra 7 days to make up for the weekend of travel, the two parties and the two days following the parties where I'll be eating leftovers. I'm thinking January will be the next time I can do a real Whole30 for 30 consecutive days.

The menu for this week is:

Sunday: out for crab cakes!

Monday: street tacos

Tuesday: crock pot cashew chicken over rice

Wednesday: shrimp scampi 

Thursday: crock pot chili and maple pork tenderloin, baked potatoes, green beans 

For breakfast this week I'm making a fiesta breakfast bowl and lunches will be the leftover cashew chicken.

One more food related thing - so I've talked about loving Wegman's before, like a million times. Well, I went to the local grocery store instead today and spent like $60. I still love Wegman's but we need to break up. $60 a week is $240 a month. That's insanity. And it's not even like I'm buying ridiculously expensive stuff. I actually don't even know what it is, so I'm holding onto this week's receipt and gathering some others from other stores to see where in the world I'm going wrong. For the most part our grocery list is pretty repetitive (70% fruit and produce, 5% dry goods, 10% drinks, 10% meats, 5% shit Nichole adds to the cart because she's hungry). The prices seem to be comparable (aside from meats) but they're obviously not.

And unrelated to food - I GOT THE NEW IPHONE 6! I had a 4s and she was just barely chugging along, crashing apps and being annoying slow. I'm still adjusting to the fact that the phone is like 2 inches bigger than my old one, but it's 1000 times lighter and so much faster! 

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