Weekly Menu 9/7 - 9/11


I had truly intended to start out September as the month where I put a larger emphasis on blogging since I had pretty much failed in that aspect for the entire summer. I have a ton of recipes photographed, just waiting to be typed up, which I had planned to do on Monday since it was a holiday and raining.

However, I slept wrong or pulled something and it hurt like hell to extend my right arm forward. Seeing as that is the hand I use on the mouse and considering it hurt to even type and I knew I had a lot of work to do on Tuesday that would involve that arm, I opted not to do any extra typing or mouse using than I actually needed, which meant my blog had to suffer for the first week of the month.

I do plan on trying my hardest to make it up to you though. I have recipes to share and I know I really need to update my recipe list as well since it's been months since I've done so. I guess the silver lining to not blogging as much means it won't be a terribly long task to update that list. :/

I still can't believe we're somehow in September already and summer is over. They're already offering pumpkin coffees. I was in a craft store yesterday that had Christmas decorations out! Could we slow down just a bit? I am in absolutely no hurry to return to any semblance of winter since people keep saying it's going to be worse than last year. Which, is just not imaginable to my brain. I blocked out every threat of winter weather last year until it actually arrived and still barely made it through it without wanting to take a one-way flight to permanently warmer temperatures.

So anyway, onto the menu for this week:

Sunday: bacon wrapped pork with cherry sauce, baked potatoes and asparagus

Monday: chicken salsa verde with stir fry veggies

Tuesday: stuffed flank steak, salad 

Wednesday: bahn mi burgers

Thursday: street tacos

For breakfast this week, another repeat; the sweet potato and turkey hash. For lunch I'm trying a recipe on saw on the Whole 30 Instagram, of grilled chicken sausages with various grilled veggies.

I also made a delicious Paleo friendly dessert for my coworker's birthday last week which I fully intent to repeat this week and blog for you.

Now while I am not at all ready for fall temperatures or the following weather, I was absolutely thrilled to see honeycrisp apples in the stores already. The $4/pound part wasn't so nice, but I sucked it up and bought them anyway because they are my favorite apple and their season is so short, I didn't want to miss any chance I got of eating them! 

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