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Do you ever just get exhausted thinking about all of the things that you need to do? I'm currently experiencing that.

I brought home more than a few hours worth of work to do this weekend because it just wasn't possible to get it done during the actual work week. Tom and I are out of town for a wedding next weekend so I needed to make sure that I had posts scheduled and ready to go, on top of meal planning two weeks in advance. We're home the following weekend, but away the next and the one after that is the Halloween party we're hosting. Combine all of that with it being the busy time at work, me thinking it was a grand idea to start another Whole 30 on Wednesday and I'm just completely exhausted and overwhelmed thinking about all of the things that need to get done.

My goal for this weekend, aside from getting all of the work done that I brought home, is to have as many blog posts scheduled into the future as possible, as well as making a decent amount of freezer meals to save time on those busy nights.

The menu for this week is going to be pretty simple.

Sunday: green tomato burgers, corn on the cob

Monday: apple bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, chips

Tuesday: pizza

Wednesday: kale, spinach and meatball soup 

Thursday: spicy honey pork, rice, green beans 

For breakfast I'm having a kale and butternut squash dish and my lunch will be chicken ratatouille. I plan on making the soup this weekend and freezing it into individual portions. It will be my lunch for next week as well.

I also have an intense craving to do some baking so that may happen as well, assuming I get everything else done.

Oh, and the most important part of this weekend: Once Upon A Time returns tonight at 8 PM! I cannot even put into words how damn excited I am for this season.

Over the hiatus, I became a total fangirl, signing up for Tumblr, reading fanfiction, seeking out spoilers and then writing fanfiction. Yeah, it's been interesting. :)

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