Weekly Menu 10/26 - 10/29


Hi there! I got a late start to the day so this is being shared much later than I intended.

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day. We had anniversary pictures taken and our Halloween party. Let's start with the pictures.

We only had 4 hours for our ceremony and reception so I opted to have the majority of our pictures occur during the first look. The downside to this was Tom was really nervous and it showed in all of the pictures. I wanted pictures where we looked casual and relaxed. Four years later, I finally convinced him to do anniversary pictures with me.

My hair stylist also is a photographer and I figured there wasn't much of a better plan than to have her do my hair, then take the pictures. My hair appointment was at three and the pictures were at four. A horse, a few slower drivers and some other stuff later, we actually started the pictures at 4:30.

I rarely do anything with my hair that doesn't involve wearing it straight. Yesterday I opted for curls. I also was dead set on having a chalkboard that we could use a prop. I went to Target and Michael's in the morning and couldn't find anything that I liked, so I decided to make one. A small frame, some chalkboard paper and some adhesive later, I had a picture frame.

After the pictures, which I'm convinced are going to turn out great, we came home and I finished preparing everything for the party. As I posted on Friday, the party was Once Upon A Time themed. I tweeted the menu I created to Adam Horowitz, one of the writers, and then a picture of Tom and I in costume to Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue (the actors who play Emma and Hook) but I didn't get a response. :(

Here's some pics from the party. 

It was a great party. Of course, I made too much food but that's just a common occurrence anymore. 

The menu for this week is:

Sunday: leftovers 

Monday: Chinese beef and vegetable stew

Tuesday: apple, bacon and kale stuffed chicken, baked potato and green beans 

Wednesday: rosemary pork, roasted potatoes and green beans 

Thursday & Friday: leftovers

For breakfast I'm having a sweet potato breakfast hash and lunch is bacon sweet potato chili. 

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