OUAT: Mr. Gold’s Magic Wands

I still have more Once Upon A Time party recipes to share with you. I hope you don’t mind seeing them after Halloween!

This is a really simple recipe and almost not worth sharing because it is so easy, but I really wanted to include as many recipes for the characters as possible. Mr. Gold is known for his magic, hence the magic wands, although he can also preform magic with just his hands.

Mr. Gold actually has three names. In the Enchanted Forest, his real name is Rumplestiltskin but after he takes a dagger with magical powers for his own, he also becomes The Dark One. Rumple is known for making deals with people in their times of need and benefiting greatly from them. He’s shady and sneaky and knows dark magic. He’s also a coward and allowed his son to slip through a portal without him because he was too scared to give up his magic. Rumple also had some future-seeing abilities and knew that he would create a curse that would allow him to see his son again and that the curse would be broken by the savior, named Emma, who is the product of true love.

Mr. Gold’s Magic Wands (Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks)
Source: A Cookaholic Wife Creation
Servings: 20
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    • 20 pretzel rods
    • 1 bag white chocolate chips 
    • sanding sugar 

1. Pour white chocolate chips into a microwave safe dish and microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring after each until chocolate is melted and smooth.
2. Dip one end of the pretzel into the white chocolate, spinning to coat.
3. Place sanding sugar in a shallow dish and roll the pretzel through it, working quickly as the chocolate will harden right away.
4. Place pretzel on a sheet of wax paper to harden completely. Repeat with remaining pretzels.

There’s just something delicious about chocolate covered pretzels. 

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