2015 New Years Resolutions

I’m not very big on making new years resolutions because like most people, I typically don’t end up following them. However, I’ve decided that I’m going to share my plans for the new year here in hopes that you’ll want to hold me accountable.

Last spring I participated in a Whole30 and lost a decent amount of weight. Being busy at work and general laziness led me to not keep up that lifestyle and to gain back most of the weight I have lost.

I used to like clothes shopping and now I hate it. When you’re only 5’1 and you gain weight there isn’t a lot of places for it to go. However, I’ve found somewhere for it to go. AWAY!

My plans for this year are to lose up to 30 pounds by June 11th. Why not June 1st? Because I want to give myself exactly 6 months. Let me explain.

I had initially planned to start a Whole30 on January 1 with a ton of other people until I realized that I’d be going out on January 10th for my friends birthday. In most cases I could easily go out to dinner and not drink any alcohol and make good food choices. However, this is the year that we all turn 30. And if there is anything that I think we all deserve, it is a bit of indulgence on the beginning of our third decades.

Here is the schedule I am planning to follow:

January 1 – January 9: mainly Paleo lifestyle
January 10th: day of indulgences

January 11 – February 11: Whole30

February 12 – 20th: The Whole30 follow up where you slowly add things back into your diet to see how they affect you. Regardless of the schedule Whole30 suggests you follow to add things back in, alcohol will return to my diet on the 17th as it is another friends 30th birthday.

February 21 – 28th: We’re going to Universal Studios for 3 days and to visit family in Florida for another 4 days. My only goal for this week is not to gain more than I’ve lost.

March 1 – March 30: Whole30 #2

April: Follow up of adding things back into diet. Alcohol and carbs will return on Easter (April 5th) and my birthday (April 10th). The rest of the month will consist of Paleo foods.

May: Full Paleo lifestyle with alcohol on Tom’s birthday (May 8th) and maybe either alcohol or carbs for any Memorial Day celebrations we attend

June 1 – June 11: Paleo, with a final weigh in on that morning.

If you would like to join me on either Whole30 adventure, please read the post I wrote entitled Preparing for a Whole30. There is a bit of work to it, but from previous experience, I can guarantee you results.

Although I am not starting the Whole30 tomorrow, I will share my 30 day meal plan with you tomorrow in case you’d like to see it for reference. And remember, if you’d like to check in with me (I’m awesome at talking people out of things they need, seriously!), connect with me on Facebook or Twitter!

Other goals for 2015 are as follows:
* put a decent amount of money into savings
* do better at work
* have an amazing time at Universal Studios
* Continue writing fanfiction – find me on fanfiction.net and Tumblr
* Update Recipe Index on a weekly basis
* Pin my recipes to Pinterest on a weekly basis 
* Do more promotional blog work (like I did with Wholly Guacamole, Raise.com, Man Crates and Chobani)

I can’t believe it, but the Recipe Index got away from me for over a years worth of recipes and was extremely time consuming to update! Are you following me on Pinterest? I’ll follow you back (this goes for Facebook and Twitter as well) although possibly not immediately because I’m terrible at actually looking at notifications and emails!

What goals do you have?

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