Weekly Menu 12/14 – 12/18 & Holiday Printables

Sunday already? The weekends keep going by too quickly. I can’t believe this coming Saturday and Sunday is the last weekend before Christmas. I’m not ready! Usually I’ve at least started to purchase the non-perishable stuff we need and I think I’ve gone as far as buying crackers.

I will tell you though, one thing I have learned in hosting holidays for this many years is to just go with the flow. I am a list-making perfectionist most of my life. I spent many a holiday completely stressed out when my food prep ran over its allotted time or the living room needed to be vacuumed again before the guests were to arrive. And now, with almost 5 years under my belt (and really this only happened in the last year or so) I’ve decided not to worry so much. So what if we’re supposed to eat at three but the ham is still in the oven then. Surely no one is going to starve, we always have more than enough food!

Anyway, because last week I strayed from my usual perfectionist self, I totally forgot to update yesterday’s Christmas Menu post with the new printables that Bound for Keeps made for you. This time she made you name cards!

Find them here: Christmas Name Cards by Bound for Keeps

Isn’t that little sprig of holly adorable? I thought so too!

Moving onto the menu for this week, Tom suggested that we have breakfast for dinner once a week. This shouldn’t be too difficult, seeing as for the past few weeks, when our dinner plans didn’t work out, the standby became bacon and egg sandwiches.

Sunday: cranberry-rosemary stuffed pork tenderloin, roasted red potatoes, garlicky green beans 

Monday: chicken breasts with pancetta cream and peas over pasta

Tuesday: seared steak with cherry wine sauce, smashed potatoes and green beans 

Wednesday: chicken basil rice bowls 

Thursday: banana nutella french toast, bacon, fruit 

For breakfast this week, I’m trying out a bacon, egg and cheese roll up and for lunch I’m having a root vegetable minestrone.

Now I need to get my butt into the kitchen to get those items prepared as well as some cookie dough that needs to be whipped up. (You should see my counter. Paula Deen would be proud at the amount of butter I have softening on it!)

And don’t forget to print out your weekly menu planner! 

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