Weekly Menu 12/7 to 12/12 + Free Printables!

As I type this, I’m watching my cat Gidget lift up the blankets on the bed and burrow herself underneath. Do any of you have pets who sleep under blankets? Because I do and even though she has done this for years, it still weirds me out every time I find a cat-shaped lump under the blankets.

The number of times I’ve almost flopped down on her are pretty astounding too. Of course, the cat even has her own blanket at the end of the bed and she is more than able to burrow underneath that one, but for some reason, her new thing is going under the blankets on my side of the bed.

But you’re not here to read about Gidget, right? Let’s get onto the food. I’m currently in Operation Cookie today because I have two people to send cookies out to for a cookie swap. I also have my breakfast and lunch to make and various other holiday treats because we now only have two weekends left before Christmas. Ah!

Sunday: apple cheddar stuffed chicken with roasted red potatoes and corn 

Monday: cashew chicken over rice

Tuesday: pierogi kielbasa bake 

Wednesday: garlic-mustard grilled pork tenderloin with wild rice and green beans 

Thursday: garlic chile butter scallops with buttered noodles and asparagus

Friday: overnight ham & cheese bake 

For breakfast I’m having blueberry skillet pancakes and for lunch, basil-garlic pork with mashed sweet potatoes and asparagus

Oh! How did you like the menu printable last week? In case you missed it, here is the link again!

Menu Printable and don’t forget to check out Bound for Keeps

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