Weekly Menu 1/18 - 1/22

I have no energy at all this week. I could probably sleep 12 hours each night if it weren't for hungry cats waking me up because of empty food bowls. I'm hoping I just need to actually remember to take my Vitamin D and that will bring back my energy but right now I'm in a vicious cycle of waking up tired and rushing out of the house without taking it. Figures, right?

This is a really easy week dinner wise because I happened to contact Juice from the Raw not too long ago and asked them if they ever offered a discount to bloggers who reviewed their products. Awesome people that they are, they said yes and sent on over a coupon code. Then Tom asked me to see if they would allow me to buy another juice for him.

Mr. I hate vegetables and all thing moderately healthy wants to do a three day juice cleanse. I find this hilarious, but he said he is going to do it simply because I don't think he can. (I tried asking him to do a Whole 30 for the same reason but he said that's too long. Lame.) We start the juice cleanse on Monday and are having relatively light dinners for Thursday and Friday. Saturday will be my last chance to eat anything unhealthy because after that the first Whole 30 begins. I'm rather cranky I ended up pushing it back by almost 2 weeks, but hopefully now that everything that would deter me from it is out of the way, it will go well.

I spent yesterday morning cleaning out the pantry and reorganizing it. There are quite a few snacks for Tom to eat now but I didn't want to throw stuff away that was perfectly good.

Sunday: chicken bacon ranch tater tot casserole 

Monday - Wednesday: juice cleanse 

Thursday: kung pao meatballs with rice and stir fry veggies

Friday: tacos 

Breakfast for Thursday and Friday will be eggs and fruit and lunches will most likely be salads.

Also, I mentioned it on my Facebook page, I've received a ton of new followers there. As of last count there were 21 new people in one week. That's insane! One told me that I'm showing up on the suggested pages which is awesome. I don't know why I'm there, but I surely don't mind.

I don't have a ton of stuff to share with you (the lighting is terrible by the time I get home and I've had a string of failed recipes) so there will be 3 or less posts per week for a while.

Even though I won't be able to eat it, I think I'm going to start baking again to clean out some of the baking ingredients I have amassed in the pantry. I can have Tom take it to work and feed his coworkers.

And now I give up on any amounts of productivity. I'm putting on pajamas and going to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. 

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