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Productivity appears to be my middle name this weekend. Last weekend I barely moved from the couch and made it halfway through the second season of Gilmore Girls. My one claim to productivity was reorganizing the pantry and getting rid of any foods we weren't going to eat. Somehow the pantry is still pretty full, but at least I can find things in there now.

Let's back up a little bit. We were supposed to have some ugly weather Friday night and then all day Saturday. I desperately needed an oil change and to maximize my limited amount of time with non-winter weather, I ended up grocery shopping Thursday night. Saturday I left work early and went to get an oil change, making it home with a picked up dinner right as the first wave of freezing rain started to hit. Tom went outside later on and said it was ugly and icy. I saw that it had started to snow from the window, but it wasn't sticking to the ground.

I woke up Saturday morning expecting to see some type of accumulation, but there was nothing. Apparently the snow went right on over us. Not like I'm complaining, but I'd much rather have snow Friday night into Saturday instead of Sunday into Monday like they're now talking about. Knowing I had a lot to do, I immediately made a check list and got to work.

In one crock pot went the pork shoulder for later on this week, in chicken went into the other crock pot. I thawed ground beef and formed the burger patties, keeping them in the fridge. The ground turkey I pulled out to make the kung pao meatballs never happened, so I made the meatballs then separated them and put that back in the freezer. A butternut squash was chopped up to make soup tomorrow and then I whipped up some cupcakes which I'll share with you tomorrow.

While the cupcakes were cooling and the dishwasher was running, I put away laundry, ate lunch, blogged and did some filing. The chicken was removed from the crock pot, the dishwasher emptied and then red velvet truffles were made. Still on a roll, I did some organizing of recipes before flopping on the couch with the intent not to move again for a while.

This morning I got some work done that I brought home, made prosciutto egg cups for breakfast and put the butternut squash into the crock pot to turn it into soup for lunch this week. On a whim, I decided to clean the refrigerator. Not clean it out, but actually take everything off the shelves and wash them down with soapy water.

I'm thinking all of this was made possible because of the checklist. There is something incredibly satisfying about putting a little check mark in a box. Should the checklist still work on me next week, I think I'll take to reorganizing my closet and seeing what summer clothes I have that still fit. I have no idea what the weather is going to be like in Florida when we go so I want to be prepared for everything.

But let's get onto the menu, yeah?

Sunday: turkey cutlets with baked sweet potatoes and green beans 

Monday: spicy jalapeno burgers with sweet potato fries and salad 

Tuesday: crock pot cashew chicken 

Wednesday: chipotle pulled pork with pineapple slaw

Thursday: bacon and eggs

For breakfast I'm having prosciutto egg cups and lunch will be a roasted butternut squash soup.

Don't forget to get your printable menu here! 

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