Review: Juice in the Raw

One of my most popular posts is a review I did on a juice cleanse by Ouri’s Fruit. They have recently changed their juices to appear under the name Juice from the Raw, and seeing as most people want to try juicing for the first time in the new year (to go along with all those weight loss resolutions) they had a pretty good coupon deal going on that I just couldn’t pass up.

Then something really funny happened. Tom, the resident hater of all things vegetable and healthy, told me that he wanted to do a cleanse too. I told him there was no way he was going to be able to do it. He doesn’t like raw vegetables and would not be able to stand the taste of the juices. “I’m going to do it just to prove you wrong.” was his response.

Juice from the Raw/Ouri’s Fruit is a small family owned company located in New York. They have been in the fruit and vegetable business since the seventies and started offering juices about 10 years ago. Their juices are organic and cold-pressed which is really the way you want to go if you’re committing yourself to juicing. Cold-pressed is a way of extract juice that leaves the most amount of nutrients and enzymes in the juice. Considering you’re going to be relying on these juices to fuel your body for a few days, you obviously want to go with something that is going to give you the most for your money right?

I opted to do another Believer Cleanse which consists of the following 6 juices:

Sweet Greens: apple, cucumber, celery, green kale, swiss chard, romaine, spinach, lemon, ginger. 

Pineapple Apple Mint: pineapple, apple, mint

Detox Greens: apple, cucumber, celery, wheat-grass, dandelion, watercress, wild arugula, lemon, ginger 

Spicy Lemonade: lemons, cayenne pepper, organic agave nectar

Sweet Greens: (see above)

Almond Milk: spring water, almonds, dates, vanilla, cinnamon 

I started the juices on a Monday and had my first one around 8:30 am. I spaced each juice to be 2.5 – 3 hours apart. I had headaches on and off throughout the first two days which could be related to not eating healthy before the juice or due to the fact that it was really stressful at work those days. The third day I felt great.

Seeing as this was now my third juice, I didn’t experience anything like I had on the first one with the overwhelming desire to chew something. Overall I’d say it went pretty well. I lost about 4 pounds and gained 1 back after starting to eat real food again.

I will say there was a huge difference between doing a juice after completing a Whole30 and after eating unhealthier foods. I felt great the entire time after the Whole30 and I definitely didn’t with the unhealthier foods. It really make me stop and think about what foods I’m putting into my body.

And because I’m sure you’re dying to know how the resident vegetable hater fared on this, he made it through 3 juices on the first day before giving up and putting them all back in the freezer. So at least I have another 2.5 days worth of juice that I can use later on! 

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