Weekly Menu 3/1 - 3/5


Hi strangers! Sorry, I didn't mean to just fall off the face of the earth like I did last week. We spent last week in Florida and while I had intended on getting a bunch of stuff done before we left (a.k.a, blogging, preparing the March Whole 30 menu, etc.) there ending up being too many things on my plate and this simply got bumped.

I'm sorry for bumping you, although it did seem to make something interesting happen again. Not too long ago, I was barely sharing any recipes with you and I somehow ended up on the Suggested Pages list on good old Facebook. I got a ton of new followers overnight, even without sharing any recipes. This went on for a little over a week and I basically sat around in confusion watching the number of likes on my Facebook page increase drastically.

The same thing happened again. Or at least, I assume so because somehow in the last 12 days I have managed to gain an additional 266 likes, finally crossing me over the 500 mark. (I'm nearly to 700 actually) As someone who doesn't use social media for blogging nearly as well as I should, I'm in shock.

Anyway, you'll soon be getting a recap of our adventures in the sunshine state, but let's start off with the menu for this week.

Sunday: Catalan-style garlic shrimp and scallops over zoodles with asparagus

Monday: Paleo orange chicken over cauliflower rice with stir fry veggies 

Tuesday: pulled pork, sweet potato fries, coleslaw

Wednesday: beef and vegetable soup 

Thursday: gnocchi with bacon and green beans 

For breakfast this week, it's prosciutto egg cups because I needed something simple and quick to make after flying back from Florida. Lunch will be turkey roll ups with cucumber-carrot salad

Don't forget to get your weekly menu planner here

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