Weekly Menu 3/8 - 3/12


I have to say, there is something ironic in "springing" forward when there are significant snow piles on the ground. I'm sure all of New England agrees with me.

As much as I loathe losing an hour of sleep, especially when I'm fighting off whatever illness Tom has and I'm already tired to begin with,  the thought that spring is on the way is something that will forever make me incredibly happy.

The way I see it, there are three good things about fall - apples, pumpkin and how pretty everything looks when the leaves change colors. There are two good things about winter - Christmas and the fact that spring comes next. If you couldn't tell, those are my two least favorite seasons.

I'm sure this will change as it gets closer, but it even looks like Mother Nature is going to bless us with 58 degree temperatures on Wednesday. That's flip flop weather for me! Hell, yesterday was only 35 degrees and I wore a t-shirt instead of a sweater because I am just over winter.

I strayed a bit from the planned Whole30 menu for this week. Hope you don't mind!

Sunday: beef a la sichuan with cauliflower rice 

Monday: pork medallions with mushroom sauce, baked potatoes and asparagus 

Tuesday: orange chicken with zoodles and stir fry vegetables 

Wednesday: steak with garlic sauce, baked potatoes, green beans 

Thursday: shrimp fried "rice" 

This is all assuming that my attempts at ricing cauliflower go well. Wish me luck?

For breakfast this week I'm having blueberry chicken meatballs with hard-boiled eggs and lunch is a thai pork zoodle salad.

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