Happy April Fool’s Day & Easter Menu 2015

Happy April Fool’s Day! I hope your day remains prank-free, unless you are the sort that enjoys that type of thing. I’ve never really been a fan and only participated in one really large prank.

My senior year of high school someone in my first period English class had the grand idea to prank our teacher by having all of the students called from her class. We took it to the front office secretaries who more than readily agreed and a few teachers who were in the office got in on the joke as well.

English class started and the interruptions began, first by intercom asking for students to report to the front office or their guidance counselor or  something. Then a teacher dropped by and needed to see someone. Finally, there was no one left in the class and we all went down to the main office to call up to the classroom.

We totally got the teacher, she didn’t even realize it was April 1st. So there you have it, one my participation in a holiday prank.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move onto the Easter Menu. Easter is in 4 days. After having a late Easter two years in a row, this one surely snuck up on me faster than anticipated. I barely had time to put together a menu to share with you before the actual day.

And as usual, I’m making too much food. One year, I won’t. But this year is just not going to be that year. So, uh…anyone need somewhere to go for Easter? I’m sure I’ll be able to feed an army.

Easter 2015 Menu 

deviled eggs
veggies and dip
cheese tray
sweet chili cream cheese dip with crackers

Main and Sides:
Honeybaked Ham
rosemary garlic roasted potatoes
tuscan roasted asparagus
creamed corn
spinach salad with Scotch eggs
carrot salad

Peep fruit kebabs
carrot cake roll
lemon curd meringue nests
Easter Oreo bark

peach mint iced tea
strawberry basil bellini’s

There might be 8 of us, but likely 6. Pathetic, isn’t it? That I am completely incapable of only serving enough food for an army. But I am trying to distribute the food contributions better this year.

…Okay, fine that isn’t really true either. I’m having my aunt make the deviled eggs, veggies and dip and cheese tray and my mom will bring the ham and the Peep fruit kebabs but I’m doing the rest of it, like a crazy person. At least I chose some recipes that can be made in advance, right? The carrot cake roll has already been made and frozen and the lemon curd as well as the meringue nests are currently hanging out in the fridge.

The creamed corn will be prepared the day before as will the Scotch eggs, carrot salad, Oreo bark and the iced tea. The carrot cake will be thawed out the night before. The morning of will consist of cooking, prepping and placing in the oven for the most part. The only thing I’ll actually make the day of are the bellini’s. 

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  1. I always over plan too – as long as you have fun with it and don't mind leftovers, you'll get no judgement from me! 🙂

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