Weekly Menu 4/26 - 4/30


Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. Usually when I have a hard time blogging its because I don't have photos edited but that's not the case this time. I have a ton of edited photos and really all I need to do is type up the recipes, yet I go to sit down with the intent to get some blogging done and then twenty minutes later I find myself on the couch watching a show or folding laundry or doing anything other than actually blogging.

Even today, I said I was going to sit down at 1:30 and blog until 3 because that should get me a decent amount of posts prepared and instead I cut out coupons, shopped for a friends baby shower, read through some blogs and came up with a recipe challenge. :/

Sunday: kielbasa, peppers, onions and potato hash 

Monday: grilled steak with gremolata, baked potatoes and asparagus

Tuesday: shrimp scampi

Wednesday: pork burgers with pineapple salsa, fries, and smoky corn salad

Thursday: ham and cheese calzones, salad

For breakfast this week I'm making granola and having it with berries and coconut-milk yogurt. Lunch will be honey-lemon-ginger chicken over rice with spicy snow peas.

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