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Do you still have your wisdom teeth? I had mine taken out this past Thursday. Up until the minute I was in the chair, I was pretty much in denial about the entire thing. I had booked the appointments months ago and did a little research then, finding out that my face could be swollen or bruised for days and I'd likely be able to eat nothing but those items of the liquid variety.

Pretty much everyone I know chimed in with their stories, ranging from "Oh I was fine a few days later" to "I had black eyes for two weeks and couldn't eat anything but broth." Hence, my state of denial for as long as possible. Like most dental insurance, mine is pretty crappy and didn't offer me the opportunity to be put under to have my teeth removed. It also didn't cover laughing gas, but the dentist told me that was only $80 should I choose to go that route.

I opted not to. I figured I'd just put in headphones, close my eyes and ignore what was going on. I failed to take into account that I'd be so numb I wouldn't be able to feel my ears to put in the headphones. So I just closed my eyes. Luckily, my teeth weren't impacted or sideways or anything else crazy so it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Honestly, the numbing needle and my jaw being stretched open that long were the worst parts of it. I didn't even know that he had done both of my wisdom teeth on the right side until he moved to the left side of me and said "halfway done".

I was concerned that the strong pain killers would make me sick and the idea of getting sick after mouth surgery sounds like my idea of hell, so we agreed to give me the middle level pain killer and I'm only taking 1/2 a pill a day combined with ibupropen. The numbing takes forever to wear off my face, which is a good thing since my dentist is 45 minutes away and it took Target to fill the prescriptions, then another 20 minutes to get home. I took the pills (which was incredibly fun, trying to swallow pills when you couldn't feel your lips, tongue or cheeks) and then stuck an ice pack on my face for an hour.

By the early evening (my appointment was at 1) there was just some minor swelling left over. I managed to sleep through the night and was only in a slight amount of pain since I had skipped a dose of medication. I can eat pretty much anything as long as it's soft and I have a ridiculous amount of time to eat it. (It took me 2.5 hours to eat a cheese steak and fries) I stopped into work on Friday and my coworkers were shocked that I didn't look like a chipmunk and felt well enough to come in.

Aside from dealing with some pain every morning that I wake up (it feels like right after you have your teeth cleaned), I've been fine. I'm actually bored that I can't exercise and I'm dreaming of the day I can crunch into a salad.

I'm sure you don't really care about my teeth though, so let's get onto the soft menu that I've come up with for this week.

Sunday: shepherd's pie 

Monday: chicken noodle soup 

Tuesday: kung pao meatballs with stir fry veggies

Wednesday: pineapple bacon sausage with bell peppers and pineapple

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: out 

For breakfast this week I figured smoothies were a good bet. I'm having leftover chicken noodle for lunches. 

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