Weekly Menu 8/2 - 8/5


Alright now summer, I'm going to need you to pull back on those reigns and really slow down. It's already August! That means I only have 6 more weeks until my pool closes! The one really good part about it being August though, is I am finally going to the beach.

I haven't got  to sit on a beach since 2012 when my friend Shannon and I had a girls weekend at my aunt's house. We went back last year but never actually made it to the beach. Sadness. But this Thursday I'm headed down with my cousin and we have two goals in mind: be beach bums and shop at the outlets.

As for food this week, I seriously can't tell you how amazing it is to be able to eat 98% percent of the things I want to without pain. It's been nearly a month since my wisdom teeth came out (next Sunday) and while there are still some foods that don't go over so well, I've had my beloved popcorn and some chewy candies.

This week and next week will be eating all of the things I have missed in the past three weeks and then I think I need to do a hardcore Whole30 straight through until October for my cousin's wedding. I have a decent amount of weight to lose and I need to factor in time of finding a dress.

Sunday: buttermilk fried chicken on cream cheese biscuits with peach habanero sauce and asparagus

Monday: beef wellington tarts with asparagus

Tuesday: hawaiian pork meatballs with bell peppers and pineapple over rice 

Wednesday: queso burgers

Thursday will unfortunately be something unhealthy and picked up on the way to the beach. I plan to eat as healthy as possible while I'm there but I'll probably end up eating nearly my weight in cheese and alcohol, so you never know.

Breakfast for the week will be peanut butter banana protein smoothies and lunch will be cobb salads.

In other news, we have vacations planned for the next two years and I am thrilled about it. We're going to the Outer Banks next summer (well, September) with hopefully a big group of both of our families. Then the March following that (2017 ugh!) we're going on a cruise that includes Belize and Honduras. My goal is to maybe sneak a long weekend to NOLA into next year, but we'll see.  

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