75+ Thanksgiving Recipes

Next year I plan to share a round up of Thanksgiving recipes with you well in advance of the holiday. I think I’ve finally amassed a large enough collection of Thanksgiving related recipes to do so. Of course, I’ll still end up making and sharing a few recipes leading up to the big day of all things turkey, but I think as a food blogger, that’s kind of inevitable.

So for all of you procrastinators out there, here are more than enough recipes to help you out if you’re hosting this Thanksgiving holiday. And if you’re a procrastinator with a big frozen turkey, you need to get him into the fridge very soon!

* Estimate 1 full day of thawing for every 5 pounds of turkey. (Ex. 15 pound turkey = 3 days)

Make sure to factor in thawing time if you’re doing something like an overnight cure or brine on your turkey!

First, let’s check out a previous round up of recipes!

And here are some new recipes for this year!

wild mushroom risotto {paleo & vegan}

Next week I have a couple recipes to share with you to help reduce all that leftover turkey and Friday will host a round up of those recipes as well.

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