Thansgiving Menu

Every single year I say that we’re not going to have a ton of food and every single year the exact opposite happens.

I’ve pretty much given up and decided that as long as we try to keep the appetizers light so people actually eat the turkey and side dishes, there isn’t much more I can do than that. Here’s what I came up with for this year.

Thanksgiving Menu

veggie tray
deviled eggs
apple/pear gouda bacon bites
charcuterie & cheese plate 
Main and Sides:
stuffing in a bundt pan
mashed potatoes
Parmesan sage mashed sweet potatoes
Italian green beans
cardamom carrots
pull-apart buttery dinner rolls 
pumpkin pie cheesecake
apple bundt cake
hot cranberry cinnamon rum
caramel apple sangria 
My mom is making the veggie tray and the pumpkin pie cheesecake. My aunt, who I mentioned before gets a free turkey every year, so she is taking my recipe and making the turkey as well as the gravy and the deviled eggs. I’ll be handling the rest. 
Currently, I think our headcount is 11, but it’s always subject to change. And like every year, I know I’ll end up posting a picture of all of the food on Thanksgiving and asking if any stragglers want to join us. Maybe one day someone will take me up on that. I’m serious in my offer! 

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