Whole30 Week 2 -What I ate

Since I already know I’m going to do more than 30 days, I decided that each of these “weekly” posts will actually include 8 days of what I ate so I can have at least 4 7-day posts…if that makes any sense. I think it might have made more in my head.

Anyway, the second week is where things tend to even out for you. You’re past your issues with coffee, you’ve realized that you actually need quite a bit more veggies and protein than you initially anticipated and you’re sugar dragon has been tamed. In all of my Whole30 experiences, the middle of the second week to the beginning of the final week is where I have felt my best.

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Want to know what I ate for the first week? Check it out here.

Since I typically tend to eat the same breakfast and lunch throughout the work-week, they will only be included if it varies from the standard. Also, I really failed at taking pictures this week. I promise to do better next week.

Day 9: I just want sugar. This is getting annoying. I sniffed a chocolate bar and told it it was pretty. 
Breakfast: 3-4 blueberry chicken meatballs over kale mashed potatoes, 1 cup mixed berries
Lunch: sweet potato noodle salad (sweet potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, red onion) with southwest ranch dressing, honeycrisp apple
Dinner: hatch chile burgers with fried eggs, baked sweet potato and arugula salad with southwest ranch dressing

Day 10: I found out I’m visiting my in-laws this weekend. They eat pretty healthy but I think this is going to be a real challenge not being in my own kitchen. 
Snack: cherry pie Larabar
Dinner: country beef and bell pepper soup

Day 11: I seriously failed at drinking water today. I don’t know why, I’m just never thirsty. 
Snack: almonds
Dinner: chicken meatballs with kale marinara over zucchini noodles, arugula salad with southwest ranch dressing

Day 12: After work tomorrow we’re going to visit my in laws for the weekend. I’m not looking forward to pouring over every menu to see what I can and can’t eat. 
Dinner: country beef and bell pepper soup

Day 13: Dinner on the road (or anywhere other than you own kitchen) on a Whole30 is never easy. We stopped at a convenience store that offers made to order meals. I ordered a 6 inch sub with double meat and discarded the bread. Of course, they brought back my favorite snack, jalapeno poppers, after not having them for nearly a year. 🙁 
Dinner: lettuce, tomato and pickles wrapped in turkey and ham, raw baby carrots and broccoli

Day 14: Even in the winter, the beach is beautiful. We stopped at two of them since the weather was nice. 
Breakfast: coffee, berries
Lunch: crab cake over a salad with oil and vinegar dressing (I got lucky the restaurant makes their own mayo and doesn’t use any filler)
Dinner: a grilled chicken breast topped with ham, lettuce and tomato, sweet potato fries

Day 15: I didn’t eat right the day before and I could immediately tell. I ended up needing to take a migraine pill with benadryl to knock myself out and get rid of the migraine. 
Breakfast: two eggs over medium, bacon, fruit cup
Lunch: arugula salad with oil and vinegar dressing, 3 slices prosciutto
Dinner: ham and turkey rolls, baked sweet potato, green beans

Day 16: Lunch was a total failure. The habanero chili was not enough to make a meal and my intended apple was rotten. I went to Royal Farms (I have limited food options near work) and ordered a grilled chicken patty with lettuce and tomato. Which came breaded and fried, so I had to pick that off because they didn’t have any grilled chicken. :/
Breakfast: turkey roll up (avocado and carrot sticks), hard boiled egg, strawberries and blackberries, coffee
Lunch: habanero chili, chicken patty, tomato, lettuce
Dinner: grilled chicken breast with cracked pepper sauce over butter and chive zoodles and arugula salad

Lifesavers: Flavored Sparkling Water. La Croix is the main one that everyone seems to gravitate to, but I’ve found other brands (Wegmans) that do not include sugar.

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