Christmas Menu 2016

Christmas is less than three weeks away! Are you ready?

Surprisingly, I’ve found myself pretty ready for this Christmas (except for a lack of recipes to share with you) and that’s probably because I managed to get my menu planned really early and my family really isn’t celebrating with gifts this year.

My mom, her fiance, my cousin and my aunt; which are the main people I buy gifts for because we spend the holiday together, are all going on a cruise this March. Over the summer I mentioned that maybe instead of celebrating with gifts this year, we could do a small limit and instead use the rest of the money toward purchasing excursions for the cruise. Everyone agreed and we’ve set a $10 limit.

All but one gift was purchased prior to November so there wasn’t much to do there. Tom and I decided to finally scale back on Christmas for ourselves as well. The dining room table was my gift and we replaced the tv in the living room, which was his. We’ll get one thing each for the cats and his family, plus my friends kids that I buy for all want gift cards. Super easy!

So needless to say, I’m not at all stressed about this holiday. Actually, that’s not true, I did stress a little bit over creating the menu because I simply couldn’t decide between having a ham or doing a roast. But then everyone raved about the cranberry sauce and I thought it would be perfect to put over a ham and that decision was made for me.

There will be seven of us in attendance which means we can all fit at my dining room table! I’m so excited for that. Part of me wants to create an elaborate multi-course Christmas dinner, simply because there is a seat for everyone, but I think I’ll stick with my current menu. 😉

Christmas Menu 2016
I’m entirely leaving this up to my aunt – I know she’ll make a cheese ball but I’m not sure what else
Main and Sides:
cranberry ham
bacon corn casserole
garlic mashed potatoes
butternut squash quinoa salad
maple bacon dijon green beans
snickerdoodle cookie cake
candy cane brownie trifle
cheesecake – mom
cranberry mules
I’m not sure yet if we’re going to celebrate Christmas on Sunday or if Saturday is easier. It will depend on everyone else’s schedule. I don’t mind either way because I have off on Friday and Monday.

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