January Eating Plan: Fast Metabolism Diet

Last year I tried out a new eating plan that worked out pretty well for me in regards to losing weight and eating healthier. The downside was creating a meal plan and prepping the food on busy weekends. The eating plan didn’t allow for my standard 5 days of the same breakfast and lunch, which left me spending hours in the kitchen.

I’m committed to trying the plan again and continuing it for longer than the standard 28 days that they ask of you. I’m starting this again on Monday January 9th and I will continue the plan through Sunday March 6th, a total of 56 days.

Why January 9th? Well, because I spent most of 2016 exhausting myself on the weekends trying to prepare foods, keep up with the apartment, run errands, etc. and I wanted a weekend to simply do nothing. I ran around like a crazy person on New Year’s Eve to get everything done and then I spent the first day of 2017 being pretty lazy. I did some blogging, some reading, some tv watching and not much else. It was glorious! That, combined with needing another week to rid all of the junk food in the house meant I was going to start a week late.

I am hoping to see significant results in the first 30-45 days which will require me to purchase new clothing to wear on my cruise in March. My fingers are crossed. If you have any spare fingers, for me I’d appreciate it.

The purpose of the plan is to have days where you rotate between high carbs, no carbs and balanced carbs and fat. You eat certain foods on those days and along with exercise, you lose weight and hopefully reset your metabolism enough, that when you complete the 28 days, you can then start incorporating items back into your diet without gaining weight. To get the full details, you’ll need to purchase the book, the Fast Metabolism Diet. I also highly suggest purchasing the cookbook to have more options to choose from.

As I learned with a Whole30, planning out an entire month’s worth of meals really held me accountable and allowed me to complete the entire 30 days. In this case it’s 28, but I believe the same concept will hold true.

Week 1: January 9 – 15, 2017
Monday and Tuesday – 
Breakfast: peaches and cinnamon oatmeal
Lunch: lemon mustard chicken with chive sweet potatoes, asparagus, apple
Dinners: shepherds pie / Italian chicken with wild rice and green beans
Snacks: pineapple, melon
Wednesday and Thursday – 
Breakfast: kale turkey bacon salad with egg whites
Lunch: lemon mustard chicken over salad
Dinners: pepperocini pork roast with green beans / balsamic steak with bell peppers and onions
Snacks: tuna on celery, deli turkey and bell peppers
Friday, Saturday and Sunday –
Breakfast: turkey bacon and egg breakfast sandwich, arugula, berries
Lunch: avocado turkey club / cashew chicken with berries
Dinners: cashew chicken / pork fried rice / turkey bacon wrapped scallops, wild rice, green beans
Snacks: celery and almond butter, carrots and guacamole
Week 2: January 16 – 22, 2017
Monday and Tuesday – 
Breakfast: berry french toast
Lunch: turkey burger with mushroom gravy, arugula salad, berries
Dinners: spaghetti & meatballs / chicken & wild rice soup
Snacks: apple
Wednesday and Thursday –
Breakfast: scrambled egg whites with bell peppers and ground beef
Lunch: turkey burger with bell pepper salad
Dinners: turkey meatloaf with green beans / steak with mushrooms and onions
Snacks: garden meatballs over arugula salad, tuna on celery
Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 
Breakfast: cherry berry nutty smoothie / turkey bacon egg sandwich
Lunch: chicken & wild rice soup, berries / beef & veggie soup, cherries
Dinners: beef and veggie soup / spicy two-bean turkey chili with avocado / crispy chicken with caramelized onions over spaghetti squash and salad
Snacks: guacamole and veggies, cashews and hard boiled eggs
Week 3: January 23 – 29, 2017
Monday and Tuesday –
Breakfast: brown rice cereal, rice milk, berries
Lunch: balsamic beef with arugula and tomato salad, apples
Dinners: pork sloppy joes with salad / smoky turkey cutlets with sweet potato fries and lemon-dill asparagus
Snacks: melon, pineapple
Wednesday and Thursday –
Breakfast: turkey patties, egg whites, asparagus
Lunch: balsamic beef skewers with bell peppers and onions
Dinners: ginger beef and mushrooms / chicken with turkey bacon, green beans and mushrooms
Snacks: chocolate spinach smoothie, garden meatballs over arugula salad
Friday, Saturday and Sunday –
Breakfast: blueberry cherry green smoothie / turkey bacon egg sandwich
Lunch: spicy two-bean turkey chili / beef & veggie soup / bagel pizza
Dinners: avocado turkey club / Italian turkey burger soup / scallops in caper butter sauce over black rice with carrots and green beans
Snacks: carrots and cashews, guacamole and bell pepper sticks
Week 4: January 30 – February 5, 2017
Monday and Tuesday – 
Breakfast: apple cinnamon oatmeal
Lunch: orange chicken meatballs, quinoa, green beans
Dinners: Greek chicken stuffed pita / slow cooker sausage cassoulet
Snacks: apples, melon
Wednesday and Thursday – 
Breakfast: kale and turkey bacon salad with hardboiled egg whites
Lunch: spicy cilantro lime chicken, bell peppers
Dinners: pork and sauerkraut with salad / beef fajitas
Snacks: tuna on celery, veggie salad with deli meat
Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 
Breakfast: chocolate cherry oatmeal / chocolate cherry spinach smoothie
Lunch: Italian turkey burger soup / sausage, spinach and white bean soup / avocado quesadilla
Dinners: sausage, spinach and white bean soup / avocado turkey club / rosemary pork loin with sweet potatoes and asparagus
Snacks: guacamole and veggies, cashews and hard boiled eggs
Additionally, I’ve made grocery lists for each week and notations of how many portions a meal makes so I know how many to freeze and eat in the following weeks. Fridays are the hardest for me because fruits and deli meats won’t last in the fridge all week, meaning I’ll need to make a grocery store stop mid-week to cover those unless I can eat all frozen fruits and skip the deli meats. It’s also a difficult day because I work different hours and grocery shop after work, meaning I don’t get home until later. I’m hoping I can use crock pot meals on Fridays to have for dinner and then repeat that for lunch over the weekend one day to save myself from cooking all weekend.
I’m also looking forward to making lemon-lime ice pops and gummies, which are one of the few treats that you can have on Wednesday and Thursdays.

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