Fast Metabolism Diet Thoughts, Days 15-28

Here are my daily thoughts on the final two weeks of the Fast Metabolism Diet.

Day 15, January 23 – 
Week 3 begins! I found compliant oat milk and Wegman’s and it’s delicious! Next week I’m going to look for cereal because I really want more of this delicious milk!
Day 16, January 24 – 
I think I’m finally no longer sick. Thank god! As much as I’d love to eat steak for lunch, its really hard to cook it to the right temperature so it doesn’t become dried out when reheated. I seriously overcooked it and it’s taking forever to chew.
Day 17, January 25 – 
The highlight of P2 today is that my Vitacost order came in and I got to try Nick’s Sticks. They’re tastier than I imagined but give me terrible heartburn like all jerky seems to do. Ah well, at least it’s a change of protein.
Day 18, January 26 – 
Smoothies for breakfast seem to be the way to go. I was really hesitant on spinach, cacao, stevia, cinnamon, water and egg whites, but it tastes like chocolate. The color is horrendous however, so drink out of a colored bottle or glass if it bothers you.
Day 19, January 27 – 
The lack of cheese has been one of the hardest things about this diet. I decided to try out nutritional yeast today as well as the Daiya cheese that’s made from almonds. While it’s not cheese, they’re both super tasty and I’m really annoyed with myself for waiting this long to try either one! Also, week 3 weigh in:
Day 20, January 28 – 
I decided to purchase Haylie’s 10 day cleanse to follow these 28 days. I’m hoping to receive it by the 6th of February, but if not I’ll continue the plan until I receive it and go from there. I’ve also decided that I might as well just continue the plan right up until we leave for vacation, although I am slightly concerned about changing my eating habits while I’m not at home. I don’t think it will be too drastic, but there will be coffee and cheese included back in. (There’s no way in hell  I’m going to NOLA without trying chickory coffee.)
Day 21, January 29 –
As usual, weekends are really hard to follow this plan because I don’t have a set schedule. I’m also craving all of the things I can’t have. Specifically, chocolate chip cookies, bananas, greek yogurt and ginger ale. At least half of my cravings are on the healthier side, so there’s that, at least I suppose.
Day 22, January 30 – 
And the final week starts today. Honestly, not much to report.
Day 23, January 31 – 
I forgot to pull out dinner and ended up eating deli meat, spelt pretzels and a salad. Oops!
Day 24, February 1 –
Pureeing a vegetable soup to have as a snack was a genius idea. I’m always cold but more so on P2, so this has definitely helped.
Day 25, February 2 – 
I’d been incredibly hesitant to make the lemon spinach smoothie that people eat on P2 because it involves using the peel of the lemon. In my head, I can’t get past the bitterness of the pith and I think it would just be super sour. I decided to suck it up and try it and now I’m kicking myself in the foot for not doing it earlier. Sure, it’s still green because of the spinach, but it’s so light and refreshing and citrusy. I actually like it better than the chocolate one!
Day 26, February 3 – 
When my iron levels get really low I find I stick my necklace in my mouth all of the time. I’ve been doing this all day. Unfortunately I don’t have red meat planned for dinner tonight. My cravings are also back in full force. I thought I would have been over that by now, but I guess not.
Day 27, February 4 – 
Could I just not be sick for once, please? My cough and congestion has come back, along with a 102 fever. Eating was very minimal today. I got in all of my water but only managed some raspberries, carrots with kite hill chive cream cheese and chicken broth.
Day 28, February 5 – 
And we’re done! I’m still sick and cannot wait until my doctors office opens tomorrow so I can get a prescription.

Final Results and Thoughts:
Weight: 8 pounds
Inches: 6 inches (2 hips, 2 stomach, 1 thigh, 1 arm)

If I could get rid of these cravings, I’d be golden to continue on like it’s nothing. After 28 days, it’s really not that hard to keep eating like this. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive with all the fruits and veggies I’m buying, but those prices should go down as we get closer to spring and more ingredients come into season. Drinking enough water is something I think I’ll be able to stick with. I’ve noticed if I don’t get in at least 8 cups by 3 pm, I’m super thirsty now. Also, I didn’t exercise during these 28 days due to a foot injury that I’m worried about aggravating and making walking around on my cruise next month impossible. I’m slowly going to add in exercise (mainly walking and strength training) after the cleanse.

Going Forward:
I’m giving myself Monday off and then going right into the 10 day cleanse, which will end on February 16th. I don’t plan on indulging on Monday, but I am going to add back in some foods and see what happens. Here’s my plan:

Breakfast: spelt pretzels, berries, 1/2 – 1 cup coffee with stevia
Lunch: ground beef tacos on oat tortillas with avocado and 1 tbsp cheese, apple
Dinner: filet mignon, baked sweet potato with a smidge of butter, salad with homemade dressing
Snacks: baby carrots, berries
Drinks: 10 cups water, 1 cup of wine

After the cleanse I’ll follow P3 for the weekend and then continue 2 more weeks of the program until March 4th. We go on vacation in the middle of the next week, so I’ll follow a maintenance diet for those few days and then as much as possible while on vacation.

As for vacation, I don’t want to deprive myself but I don’t want to go overboard either. My plan is to eat as many fruits and veggies as possible, enjoy a sweet here and there, avoid overly processed foods, and limit cheese and unhealthy fats.


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