28 Before 28: A Recap

With a little more than a year and a half before my 28th birthday, I decided to issue myself a challenge and revise my “to-make” list. Initially, I followed suit with everyone else and created a 30 Before 30 List, but realized that 3.5 years (at the time) to make […]

Sourdough Starter

I really  need to learn to read completely through recipes. I knew that a sourdough starter took a few days, but I didn’t realize there was still another day after it was made before you could have bread, on top of the hours between the multiple rises. I had every […]

SRC: Creme Brulee

Another month has passed and it is once again time for the Secret Recipe Club reveal. You may have noticed a slight change to this reveal, which is that I’m not posting this recipe at 12 PM EST, but instead 12 AM EST. This is a new change to the […]

Homemade Bagels

Bagels are my absolute favorite breakfast food. I would be completely content to have a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast every morning. However, since bagels aren’t exactly calorie-friendly and cream cheese definitely isn’t, I typically resort to eating my second favorite breakfast food, muffins, on a much more regular […]


I have no idea what possessed me to put limoncello on my 28 Before 28 List. I’ve never even had it before. All I know is that its an Italian liquor that can easily be made at home as long as you have some time and a lot of patience. […]

Biscoff and Chocolate Cups

Never did I expect to use the labels “healthy” and “chocolate” in the same post. Those words just don’t go together. And now, this obviously isn’t the healthiest thing that you’re ever going to eat, but it’s definitely not the worst either. Instead, its incredibly delicious. I don’t even know […]

Recipe Swap: Pita Bread

I have a hard time hearing the word “pita” and not thinking of “Peeta” ever since The Hunger Games. Plus, he gave her bread, so come on now. I don’t know why, but sometimes its damn near impossible to find pita bread in the stores here so I tend to […]

Green Gobbler Lasagna

Don’t let the name of this recipe turn you off. My immediate reaction after reading the name was to squinch up my face in disgust, but I decided to forge on and read the ingredients before making the decision as to whether or not I would try this recipe. I […]

Improv Challenge: Kitchen Sink Fried Rice

Procrastination. I’m good at it. This post needs to go live in 11.5 hours and I’m sitting here looking at random stuff on the internet. Did you know Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin’s new boyfriends yacht is bigger than Tigers? See, this is the ridiculous stuff I read instead of blogging. […]