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Coconut Ice Cream

I like to think that I’m doing a pretty good job of embracing fall and letting summer go. See, I dread when summer ends each year. I require flip flops and iced coffee. Not boots and hot coffee. But we’ve discussed my issues on this before. Outside of cooking, I’ve […]

Improv Challenge: Oatmeal Raisin Bread Pudding

Confession: I don’t like raisins. I never have. I’ve always thought they were gross. Initially I planned on skipping the challenge for this month so I could avoid making anything with raisins. But, Tom asked me what I was making for this challenge. I told him I wasn’t participating because […]

Oven Roasted Red Potatoes

Do you go through phases of side dishes? I do. When I first started cooking, we had roasted red potatoes practically once a week. Then I went through a risotto phase where we had risotto all of the time. I think baked potatoes followed that. Then it was mashed potatoes, […]

Pumpkin Ravioli with Sauteed Mushrooms

It still amuses me to think sometimes about how I spent the majority of my life hating all things pumpkin. While I still don’t like pumpkin spiced coffees (sorry!) I would be content to have a pumpkin meal or dessert at least once a month. I really never realized how […]

Homemade Pizza Rolls

When I was adjusting the menu for the party I had at the end of September, I was trying to find quick appetizer-style recipes that would work well with the other things we were serving. I hopped onto my Pinterest account to see if I had anything worthwhile saved and […]

French Onion Burger

I know what you’re thinking…Another burger? She says she’s supposed to be losing weight but she’s making another burger!?…Well, yes. I can’t help it. I saw this recipe and it sounded so good and reminded me of the Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger that was also topped with caramelized onions. Besides, I […]

Mashed Potato Soup

Every time that we go to visit Tom’s parents, I inevitably end up going through food magazines with his mom and finding ones that appeal to me. She makes copies of them and either emails them to me or I go home with a stack of recipes. I hung onto […]

SRC: Crock Pot Chili with Beans

Have you ever wondered why chili is called chili? This is something that bothered me for quite a long time until I finally looked it up and found that it is originally from chili con carne which was made with chiles or chili powder. Make sense now? I knew after […]

Asian Pork with Stuffed Baby Bell Peppers

During the first trip we ever made to Wegman’s one of the first things I noticed in the produce section was a bag of baby bell peppers. My first thought was that they were cute and my second thought was that I needed to find a recipe where I could […]