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Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake #BundtBakers

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Bundt Bakers! I’ve had so much going on with trying to get the blog moved over to WordPress and a ton of weeklong events, that my Bundt pan sat collecting dust in the cabinets. But I’m back for this month and the […]

#BundtBakers: Chocolate Brownie Bundt

Chocolate cake is great. Brownies are great. But what happens when you put them together? Magic. Pure magic. And also your coworkers ask you if you’re trying to kill them. Of course not. I need my guinea pigs. (Said with all of the affection in the world.) The theme for […]

#BundtBakers: Hot Milk Cake

  Two years ago we hosted a training at work and had a local place, Richardson Farms, cater the food for us. Their catered meals come in quantities of twenty or so each with a dessert. We ordered enough food to feed 80 people, which meant that 4 desserts were […]

BundtBakers: Shirley Temple Cake

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in #BundtBakers, but when I saw the theme for March was cherries, I knew I had to participate. Tom loves cherries in baked goods, but for some reason doesn’t like fresh or frozen cherries. Since he’s the main person (aside from my coworkers) […]

#BundtBakers: Strawberry Crunch Bundt Cake

This blog post should really be titled “The cake that didn’t want to cake.” I’ve known that the theme for this month’s #BundtBakers was strawberry for a few months now. I made my first recipe back in early June when strawberries were plentiful and cheap. It was a strawberry rhubarb […]

#BundtBakers: Cheese Steak Bundt

For the past couple of months, I’ve tried to participate in #BundtBakers, but my recipes have just not turned out and I didn’t leave myself enough time to find a new one to make. Finally, for the July theme of unusual bundts, I’ve managed to get a recipe that not […]

#BundtBakers: Sugar Cookie Bundt Cake

The January theme for #BundtBakers is birthday bundts. Our host is Sue of Palatable Pastime. #BundtBakers is a group of bundt-loving bakers who get togetehr once a month to bake bundts with a common ingredient or theme. We take turns hosting each month and choosing the theme or ingredient. You […]