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Unexplained Experiences – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! As it’s the season of ghost stories and horror movies, I decided to take a break from sharing recipes with you today to share two unexplained experiences I’ve had. I don’t entirely believe either way whether ghosts exist or not. I definitely don’t think there are spirits lingering […]

Monster Mash Chocolate Baked Doughnuts #Choctoberfest

Disclaimer: I received product samples from sponsor companies to aid in the creation of #Choctoberfest recipes. All opinions are mine alone.  Can you believe that it’s the middle of October? I still can’t figure out where this year went but I’m pretty happy that we’ve had an extended summer, even […]

Halloween Peanut Butter Popcorn Mix

Since last Thanksgiving, I’ve really made an effort not to have a ton of complex recipes being made for a party or holiday. When I first started cooking and inviting people over to eat my food, I would sometimes spend 12+ hours in the kitchen preparing. That’s crazy.   I […]

Spiderweb Layered Taco Dip

For the Halloween party that we hosted, Tom and I went as the Doctor and Rose from Doctor Who. He had wanted to do this for a while now, so even though Rose is a blonde (and I was blonde for over a decade) I decided to go along with […]

Shrunken Head Apple Cider

Last weekend was a crazy busy weekend for me. I was hosting a Halloween party on Saturday and then also catering my work lunch on Monday; which meant that I spent Friday night until Sunday late afternoon in my kitchen. It’s times like those that I’m glad we’re in an […]