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Snow Cream

First, Happy Valentine’s Day! Second, you probably fall into one of three categories when it comes to Snow Cream. 1. Awesome! I love when we get enough snow to make this! 2. Snow Cream? What is this stuff you speak of? 3. You mean you really eat snow? Don’t you […]

Cake Batter Ice Cream

Oh cake batter, how I love thee. I thought about a poem or haiku here but I’m tired and I can’t think of any rhyming words that have to do with cake batter. Clatter, fatter, matter… How I love you, delicious cake batter But how I wish you wouldn’t make […]

Cake Batter Doughnuts

After making the cake batter pudding cookies and the cake batter milkshake, I had a problem. There was still yellow cake mix left over. I know, I know, what a horrible problem to have! However, since I’m assuming everyone else who made a cake batter recipe also ran into this […]

Cake Batter Pudding Cookies

I remember the first time I ever visited a Coldstone Creamery and saw that they offered Cake Batter Ice Cream. At first I was indifferent, never being one to lick the bowl clean of cake batter (brownies are another story though) but one time Tom ordered it and let me […]