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Hi there! Hopefully with the name change you were able to find me. As I said on my old blog, the name was just the first thing that I could think of when creating a blog and it sure wasn't original or even mildly exciting.

When I found that people were actually reading this (and that I had decent recipes to contribute) I figured it was a good time for a name change. The old website still exists and provides a post linking you here but all of the recipes have been imported over.

Yesterday Tom and I went to register for wedding items, which I'll be blogging about on my wedding blog, and stopped into the mall after we were done. We went into a store called Kirklands and I found tons and tons of cute stuff. I can't post much of what I bought because they are bridesmaids gifts and I have no idea if my bridesmaids might lurk over here one day. But I did get this:
Cute apron, huh? It was a very tough choice between this one and one that was black and white damask with a hot pink trim and had a monogram N on it. Very tempting, but I thought this one was cuter. And the best part, only $15!

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