Happy 100th Post!


Jeez, I really must talk a lot if I'm already at 100 posts, huh? I'm not sure whether its good or bad news that its not 100 food-related posts, but still 100 posts overall. So I found myself a present on the lovely interwebz.

Cute, ain't it?

I found out today that I have two more readers! YAY, READERS! When I created the blog I had thought it would be neat for other people to read it, but I wasn't overly concerned about it. After lurking on the What's Cooking board of The Nest for quite some time, I changed my mind. I want people to find me and read my blog. I want to share my recipes with more than just the people who know me in person. So I joined the Foodie Blogroll, started Blog Update posts over there and tended to link my blog a bit more. I also signed up for Google Analytics so I can be nosy about who comes to visit me.

When I log into blogger it tells me how many followers I have and if I have any comments. I started off with 8 followers and now I'm up to 14. Woo hoo! Followers! I will lead you my recipe starved friends. Some bloggers I know have hundreds and hundreds of followers and get tons and tons of comments a day. While part of me thinks that would be cool, the other part of me knows that I just don't have the time or patience to maintain a blog like that.

Well, enough about me and the fact that I can babble enough to get 100 posts in a few months. If you knew me in real life you'd know that its really not all that difficult. I rarely shut up. I promise I'll be back tonight to blog about Stuffed Poblanos!

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