Weekly Menu 2/21 - 2/25


After weeks and weeks of doing homework every weekend for my college classes, I decided to take a break for a day. On Sunday Tom and I went to the beach to use the gift card his parents had gave us for an absolutely delicious sushi place. While Tom helped his dad and his brother, his mom and I went to Marshall's and did a bit of shopping.

I ended up with 2 shirts, a pair of tights, a picture frame to hold a wedding picture of us on my desk at work, and a small stand mirror that provoked a slight redecoration of our bathroom. This is the mirror:
Ignore me in the reflection, please. Our toothbrush holder matches the base of mirror exactly so I knew I had to get it. Previously, I used to have all of my hair stuff (dyer, straighter, brushes, etc.) in a basket that sat on the counter but I've moved that under the sink. Now I just need to find a small basket to hold the things that we use daily (deodorant, lotion, hairspray). I may end up finding a soap dispenser that matches as well since right now we just have a bottle of soap we keep refilling.

Anyway, onto the menu:

Monday - asian beef, vegetables and noodles

Tuesday - mango habanero chicken sandwiches (redone)

Wednesday - pork with creamy herb sauce and garlic mashed potatoes

Thursday - Muenster mac & cheese

Friday - Emeril's gaaahlicky sizzling shrimp

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