Strawberry Lemonade


Last week when we went to the grocery store they were out of very random things in the produce section. There weren't any lemons, red peppers or mushrooms. Of course I needed all three of these ingredients. I opted for a orange pepper instead of red, skipped the mushrooms entirely and decided I could purchase an entire bag of lemons instead of an individual one.

I rarely ever cook with lemons. Tom doesn't like them in anything savory, only sweet. I usually buy one a week to slice up and add to the Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea that I drink daily. Now, I had a bag of 9 lemons.

So what do you do when Wal-mart gives you lemons? You make lemonade! (I know, I know, I'm hilarious.) :-)

Strawberry Lemonade
Source: A Cookaholic Wife Creation
Yield: 2.5 quarts
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    • 1/2 pint strawberries
    • 7 lemons
    • 2/3 cup sugar, plus 1 tablespoon
    • 2 quarts water

1. Rinse, hull and dice the strawberries. Put the strawberries into a plastic bowl with a lid. Sprinkle 1 tbs. sugar over them, cover and shake. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
2. Slice up two of the lemons and set aside.
3. Juice the remaining 5 lemons. You'll need about 2/3 of a cup.
4. Transfer the strawberries to a large bowl and lightly mashed them. Add the sliced lemons, lemon juice and sugar. Stir until the sugar has mostly dissolved.
5. Pour the fruit into a large pitcher. Add the two quarts of water. Stir and refrigerate. Serve cold.

I thought this would be pretty tart so I didn't use all of the lemons that I had. It actually ended up a lot lighter and fruitier tasting than I thought. I guess the best way to describe it is that its not so concentrated that you feel like you need a glass of water after it.

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