Weekly Menu 4/3 - 4/8


Ah, the beginning of another week. I'm not really looking forward to this one though. I've been patiently waiting for my accounting teacher to upload the assignments we will have for this week. Usually she has them up on Saturday afternoon. They still aren't there.

Why do I want to get such a head start? Well, for the past two weeks the assignments have been so detailed, its taken me over 12 hours a week to do everything. Tuesday I'll be in NJ for work and won't be able to do any homework, Saturday I have an eye exam and Sunday is my birthday. I had planned to do as much as possible today so I could actually relax and celebrate my birthday. It doesn't appear that this will happen now. Boo!

Anyway, onto the food.

Sunday - ham with a brown sugar and spicy mustard glaze, mashed potatoes, corn (for Tom) and asparagus (for me)

Monday - strawberry stuffed french toast

Tuesday - nada

Wednesday - pot roast in the crock pot

Thursday - jalapeno popper chicken with fries

Friday - ham and pineapple pizza

I'm also beginning to think about what I want to make for Easter this year. Last year I made a ham and then just did a bunch of appetizers and finger foods. I'd like to do something different this year, but with a family full of picky eaters, I really don't know what to make.

So far I have ham, deviled eggs, some type of salad, a fruit trifle and white wine sangria. What do you make (or eat) on Easter?

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