Weekly Menu 5/1 - 5/6


I realized a few days ago that I haven't been posting the weekly menus. I got caught up in all of the planning and prep for Easter and college homework and completely forgot about it. Then I had to debate on whether or not to even post the menu for next week. Its super fast and not at all healthy. But its the week of my finals so, honestly its amazing that I'm even attempting to make dinner.

The bad part about not having time to make decent meals next week is that I started exercising and eating healthier this week. The menu really isn't conducive to losing weight, so I decided to up the healthy-ness of my breakfasts and lunches next week.

The good part - after May 8th - I'M DONE WITH COLLEGE. Well, until fall classes start in September. But look, I'm excited okay? I can't tell you the last time Tom and I spent more than an hour together on a weeknight. I'll be able to catch up on time with him, watch tv, dedicate a reasonable amount of time to exercising (No excuses anymore), start reading something other than textbooks again and find new and exciting meals to make. On the weekends there won't be a mad dash to get everything clean and run to the grocery store before burying myself in my accounting book for the next 6 hours. I'll be able to BAKE!

Anyway, here's my pathetic attempt at still making dinner next week:

Sunday - parmesan herb chicken tenders and fries

Monday - pierogie (yep, the boxed kind)

Tuesday - shrimp scampi (the healthiest meal on the menu!)

Wednesday - breakfast for dinner (probably eggs, bacon and hash browns)

Thursday - cheeseburger and fries

Friday - pizza

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