Weekly Menu 7/11 - 7/14


Whew! What a week. Well, I should say what a month this is going to be! I briefly mentioned it in last week's menu post, but the last week in June was a huge change at work. The owner came down, let someone go, and spent the rest of the week with us. It was hectic with the interviews and everything else going on, but I had no idea this past week would be just as challenging.

The decision was made that until we hire a new manager, I'm in charge of everything. Which is fine and dandy, because I was handling a lot of the stuff before. We're in the process of creating new procedures, job descriptions and working on better standard operating procedures. The company is definitely in the process of changing and I'm glad that I'm part of it. But I'm not going to lie. I'm 100% overwhelmed. On top of my regular accounting job, I'm still training our new admin and handling all of the tasks the manager would have. Oh, and last week is the busiest week of accounting because its when everything is due and I need to close out the previous month.

I hardly cooked at all last week. I worked 9 hour days, came home (stuck in 45 minutes of traffic on two days) and started working from home. I'm truly exhausted and I know its not going to end any time soon. I can only hope that by mid-August when my college classes start again that my life at work will be easier.

Anyway, enough of me whining about how exhausted I am. Here's the menu for next week. It's pretty similar to last week, actually.

Sunday - meatballs with peppers and pineapples

Monday - corn fritters

Tuesday - chicken wraps (this one for me, fajita style for Tom)

Wednesday - stuffed peppers

Thursday - scallops with sesame green bean salad

I don't have anything on the menu for Friday because I more than likely won't be home. My friend is having her son's 2nd birthday party on Saturday and I offered to make sugar cookies and come over the night before to help her get everything together.

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