Weekly Menu 9/18 - 9/23


Guess what I finally did? I got my Recipe List working. Just click on those words there and you can see a complete list of all the recipes I have on here. 

However, in other news...

Something's gotta give.

Posting the menu for this week on Tuesday was not my intention, but I need to be honest with you, my 42 followers: I'm exhausted.

These two college classes are kicking my ass. Monday through Friday I'm doing 4+ hours of homework a night on top of making dinner and working 9 hours. Saturday consists of a rushed grocery list, scrambling through the store to grab everything followed by 8+ hours of homework. Subtract the groceries and Sunday looks the same. I'm behind on everything. I have over 600 recipes in my Google Reader that I haven't had a spare moment to look at. I haven't sat down and watched television in I don't know how long. I spend less than 20 minutes a day with my husband. I used to use my time in the shower to relax and decompress and now I'm spending it making mental lists for the day. If it was possible to write a list and shower at the same time I would.

So why am I telling you this? Because I need to take mini-break from blogging. On 10/8 one of my college classes is over. I hope to finish it the week before, but we'll see. So until then, I'm only going to blog a limited amount of recipes; the recipe swaps from the What's Cooking board, the Secret Recipe Club and the menu's for each week. If I get a chance to blog anything else, I will. So please be patient with me as I get through this exhausting time. :)

Menu: Week of 9/18-9/23

Sunday - corn chowder

Monday - chicken quesadillas

Tuesday - recipe swap!

Wednesday - rosemary chicken with jasmine rice and green beans

Thursday - mango chutney pork with roasted potatoes

Friday - shrimp scampi


  1. Wow, I cannot imagine your hectic/busy schedule. Kudos to you for making it this far. I love hopping onto your blog for meal ideas but definitely understand the need for a break! (PS-making your asiago chicken pasta tonight, hope I can make it taste as good as yours looked)

  2. Thanks! I'm sure it will taste great. :)


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