Weekly Menu 10/16 - 10/21


I can't believe its the middle of October. I'm still trying to figure out where summer went and fall has arrived. Yesterday Tom's parents came to visit and we went to Milburn Orchards. The orchard is one of the first places Tom and I visited when we moved up here. I couldn't get over the fact that they sold huge heads of romaine lettuce for $1.50 each and that they were so fresh it lasted 10 days in the fridge! Try to find romaine lettuce from a grocery store that does that!

We don't go to the orchard as frequently as I'd like so I took full advantage on yesterdays trip. I picked up 3 heads of garlic, a gallon of apple cider, a huge bag of apples, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, a butternut squash and apple cider donuts. Even though it was barely 66 degrees and really windy, Milburn offers fresh ice cream and its just too good to pass up. I tried the Cookie Monster ice cream which is blue ice cream with two different types of cookie dough, Oreo cookie crumbles and sugar cookie crumbles. My sweet tooth was in heaven!

If Tom decides to buy me a deep freezer for Christmas (hint, hint) I'm definitely going to put my ice cream maker to use recreating that!

I finally got through one of my college classes and I've figured out a schedule for the remaining class. As long as the amount of work stays consistent with what we've currently had, I should be able to....get this....NOT DO SCHOOL WORK ON SATURDAY'S! An entire day to myself! Okay, well not really since sometimes I clean on Saturday and we always go to the grocery store, but still. I'm rather excited about this!

Did I ever mention Tom and I work for the same company now? Well, we do. I started there in July of 2008 and he started this past August. The owner's father is mostly an investor in the company but he still comes down to Maryland to visit our office. Since Tom was hired he's bragged about a restaurant here with really good crab cakes. Being from New Jersey, their seafood options just aren't the same and the owner's father has decided to come down tonight so we can go to dinner there and then he'll spend tomorrow in the office with us. I can't wait to have a crab cake!

Onto the rest of the menu...

Monday - recipe swap meal!

Tuesday - Reuben sandwiches with fries

Wednesday - Chicken cordon bleu with baked potatoes and corn 

Thursday - braciole with garlic cauliflower mashed "potatoes" and green beans 

Friday - pierogie

Oh! A couple of weeks ago Tom had mentioned that he wanted to start cooking one night a week. He asked which day works best for me and I immediately chose Friday. I like to start all of my cleaning on Friday and I always feel like dinner is such a hassle that night. This week he chose frozen pierogie. I'm curious to see what he chooses for the upcoming weeks and what I'll be able to blog!

With my gigantic bag of apples I'm making apple dumplings, applesauce and something else to be determined. I'll have the recipes up soon!

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