27 Things About Me

When I’m reading someone’s blog, I always like the little stories or comments they include about their life. I’m a naturally nosy person and like to know about people without outright asking them. Those little stories and comments satisfy my inner nosiness. Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

I’m going to assume I’m not the only person like this and tell you random things about me.

1. When I was a kid my eyes were hazel. When I was 13, I went through a very vain phase where I’d look in the mirror and say “I wish my eyes were green” every day. My eyes are now green. I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen because of my wishes though.

2. I’m vertically challenged; as in I’m 5’1 3/4. My husband finds it amusing that I have to stand a distance away from the fridge to see on top of it.

[source: funnytshirtssayit.com]

3. I love writing. When I was younger I constantly wrote short stories and poems.

4. I am probably the least athletic person you’ll ever meet, but I can more than likely kick your arse in flip cup and beer pong. <— just don’t ask me to drink the beer. That’s what teammates are for.


 [source: allbackgrounds.com]

5. I am not ashamed to admit that I frequently read chick lit and young adult books. I read so much and so quickly that my brain isn’t always interested in something thats challenging.

6. My favorite color is teal.

7. I know almost every word in three movies: The Grinch Whole Stole Christmas (cartoon version), A League of Their Own, and You’ve Got Mail.

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8. Caramel is better than chocolate.

9. The ocean is extremely calming to me. My dream vacation would be to lie on a beach reading a book with someone fetching me drinks and reminding me to add sunscreen. If I can’t retire near the water, I will be one cranky person.

[source: photoatlas.com]

10. I won the spelling bee in 6th grade with the word “antidisestablishmentarianism”.

11. I’m an only child.

12. I often find myself thinking about what would be different in my life or in others lives if they hadn’t done one thing. As in, if I hadn’t worked at X place would I have done Y.

13. I 100% believe the statement “everything happens for a reason”.

14. Going to see Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Which also means I believe in ghosts.

[source: areghostsreal.org]

15. OCD-like tendencies: I have them. Things either need to be alphabetized, lined up by size or in neat stacks. Series must go in order from first to last. No exceptions. I have to do routine things in a certain order or I feel like I’m forgetting something. I color-code almost everything.

16. Is my favorite number.

17. I love cooking and baking for other people. In my dream world, I’d have monthly parties where I could serve five course dinners to at least 8 people.

18. I’ve designed my dream home in my head right down to the decorations. I’m probably going to be pretty disappointed if I never get to live in a house like it.

19. I feel most comfortable in the kitchen.

20. I’ve wanted to be a teacher, writer, dream psychologist, genetic engineer and a magazine editor. However, I’m a financial controller.

21. The one food I make that I feel completely confident in bragging about is risotto. I’ve never thought it was difficult nor do I stand there the entire time stirring.

22. I’m left handed. I also have the ability to write in mirror-images; as in my left hand writes a word backward while my right hand writes the same word going forward. It easier for me to do this on chalkboards or dry erase boards than on paper.

 [I didn’t say I could write neatly like this, but I can do it.]

23. I don’t possess the natural buoyancy in water that most people do. It doesn’t help that I can’t swim very well.

24. I am extraordinarily squeamish. I can’t see, hear or talk about blood or anything gross without a 50% chance of fainting.

25. I am extremely impressed anytime someone spells my first name right on the first try. It’s Nichole. That h confuses more people than I care to admit.

26. The only song I will sing for karaoke alone is I Love Rock and Roll. I can’t sing at all. However, 2-3 years worth of Saturday’s in my life were spent at a local bar singing karaoke with my friends.

27. Is the age I will turn on April 10th.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me. 🙂


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