Happy Valentine's Day!


I'll admit it. I don't really like Valentine's Day. Actually, I have nothing against hearts, cupids or the day itself; I'm just against everything else that goes along with it.

"Today only! A dozen long-stem red roses for the absolute bargain price of YOUR WHOLE PAYCHECK!!!" (Regularly, less than $50)

A phone call to a nice restaurant that is typically never booked on Wednesday, February 1st:
"Hi, I'd like to make reservations for Valentine's Day."
"Ah ha. Ah, hahahahaha. No I'm sorry, we've been booked since Christmas."

Or, the sign we saw outside of a roadside flower stand. If you don't stop and buy flowers, you don't love her.

I can't be the only person who is annoyed by this right? But like I said, while the commercialization of it annoys me, I find absolutely nothing wrong with making cute desserts, eating too much chocolate or going a bit crazy with the  free stuff on Picnik.

My idea of celebrating Valentine's Day includes going out to lunch or dinner a few days beforehand and finding something new to cook or making an old favorite. With Valentine's Day on a Tuesday this year, I decided to do all three.

This past Saturday, Tom and I went out to lunch at a local restaurant that is known for their steaks. So much so that they were on the Travel Channel's show, Man vs. Food back in 2009. I had the Tournedos, which I'm still not sure how to pronounce, but I can tell you it was delicious.

You're wondering what tournedos is right? Well, it was two filet medallions topped with crab imperial. It came with a side of mashed red potatoes and steamed veggies. Tom had the Angus beef steak burger with fries. I tried a bite and it was pretty tasty!

We happened to notice the Sunday Brunch menu while we were sitting there and quickly realized we need to return immediately on a Sunday between 11 AM and 2 PM. They have Belgium waffles with Bananas Foster, Crab Benedict, Filet Benedict and $4 Gigantic Mimosas. While the mimosas are a given, how in the world am I going to choose between crab or filet benedict?

On Sunday, since I have pretty much had an unlimited amount of time to cook, I decided to make Beef Wellington for dinner. Tom has asked me to make it since first seeing it on a episode of Hell's Kitchen.

Then for the actual holiday, I knew I needed a recipe that wouldn't take forever, but was still somewhat special. The bacon wrapped pork I chose to make is one of Tom's favorite so I thought that'd work well.

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